which is the best place to be born

    witch is the best place to be born

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    Where you were born.. Not much chance of changing that.  I think your 'real' question is 'where is the best place to raise children'.. At least that's how I read your question.  You will get a thousand different answers to this.


    Do you mean, where is the best place in the world to be born? As in, which country? 

    witch |w?t?|
    1 a woman thought to have evil magic powers, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick.
    • a follower or practitioner of modern witchcraft; a Wiccan priest or priestess.
    2 informal an ugly or unpleasant old woman.
    3 a girl or woman who is bewitchingly attractive.
    4 an edible North Atlantic flatfish.
    ?Glyptocephalus cynoglossus, family Pleuronectidae.
    verb [ with obj. ]
    cast an evil spell on: Mrs Mucharski had somehow witched the house.
    • (of a girl or woman) enchant (a man): she witched Jake.
    witchlike adjective,
    witchy adjective ( witchier, witchiest )
    ORIGIN Old English wicca (masculine), wicce (feminine), wiccian (verb); current senses of the verb are probably a shortening of bewitch.

    which |w?t?|interrogativepronoundeterminerasking for information specifying one or more people or things from adefinite set: [ as pronoun ] which are the best varieties of grapes for longkeeping? | which of the suspects murdered him? | [ as determiner ] :which way is the wind blowing?relativepronoundeterminerused referring to something previously mentioned when introducing a clause giving further information: [ as pronoun ] a conference in Vienna which ended on Friday | [ after prep. ] it was a crisis for which he was totally unprepared | [ as determiner, after prep. ] your claim ought to succeed, in which case the damages will be substantial.PHRASESwhich is which used to convey that it is difficult to distinguish between two or more people or things: there is no confusion as to which is which.ORIGIN Old English hwilc, from the Germanic bases of who andalike.usage: On the differences between which and that in relative clauses, see usage at that.

    The question “ Where is the best place to be born?” is easier to answer in some relevant way. So please try again.

    From your mother's placenta.

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