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    It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents,for instance for sport or music, and other are not.However,it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.Discuss both this view and give your opinion?

    -Believing that talentive person generally originated as like an extra ‘Gift Given by God’ has been a controversal issues today. There are many argument supporting both views, those for and against talents by birth.

    On the one hand, considering talent actually coined out through by birth, might indulge people in a wrong direction. This is obviously will create negative doul effect as to those, who have talent and shows negative impression by those, who have lack in talents. This is because, it is easy to think that ‘I have talent by birth’ but it is radically important to think that, I have talent in certain field that’s why I need quite indulgement on that relative sector to get more benefit. Constrasting, if practices are made for forbidden to involve in concerned sector, followed by targeting to the people solely reason of ‘Lack in talent’ are considerably shown as a selfishness and discouragement to them.Consiquently,this will of course rage the people, and behind the out of circle of talent no onewill have chance to get entery in any types of job in life. Thats why, we need to consider that: talent is also created by encouraging method of taking a lot of practise for building professional capabilities to those who have lack in talent. Furthermore, we all know that ,A food like ready to serve cannot be eaten until and unless we caught an chew them.

    On the other hand, it is claimed that any type of person besides the talentness can be trained to move into virtue on specific field. As we all knew that, human beings born equally with somehow by composition of identical organism. And the functions of that organism are found doubtlessly same. Then the main sector we remain to aware is that ,’the drive who drove the car more precisely and centrally will ultimately success to reach his destination’, that is method of using knowledge which we called currently a talent. Therefore, It seems necessarily that to become talent, there should be more practices of thinking from overall direction about the issues correctly. And also as a most significant resources, there should be follow to take a rest as a intermission without lacking in adequate supply in all types of energetic food to the body, which is mainly required as a time to time basic needs. For instance, as we go through sport and music, a good player could not make goal in a game without varieties of tricky passing made before, and similarly a musician could not compose a fluent music if he lack in playing or concentrating in tone precisely.

    In Conclusion, People of all kind prerequisite about ‘Talent’ is a gift by birth which solely shows a ‘means of interest’ to engage in fix part rather than a well prepared professional experience. Nevertheless, We can say that ‘Talent’ is like a ‘Egg’ that is completely given in your hand and now fully depended on you whether to ‘hatch’ it or ‘crack’ it.

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    You have sent your "writing" to the wrong people mate, we are akaQA, we answer general questions only, good luck in whatever you are studying.

    Bidur Bhatta

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