Are you afraid to fly? If so, why???

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    With all of the rules and regulations that are applied to the airline industry, I am less afraid of flying than I am of travelling long distances in cars... however, the sitting in an airplaine seat for hours on end, bores me senseless.  I have purchased some 'very obvioulsy mine' luggage so that the stress of spotting my luggage in the carousel has all but evaporated.  'The waiting to go', section of travelling has been replaced by, 'Keep the boy entertained',  and the authorities can X-ray me from tip to tail... I have nothing to hide.  After the Barbie Doll incident of 1969, I have been thoroughly desensitized.  (Please note:  If the authoritative ones ransack your property, they do not put items back the way they were originally packed.  For an eight year old this is a very serious tidbit of information) ... Although I am still ticked off, I am unshakeable now. 


    They actually re-packed mine tidier than I had, I thought I had opened the wrong case when I got

    You are soooo fortunate. :)

    Untidy packer ;-)

    I'm not afraid of it,I just get bored to death sitting in the same seat for 12 hours or more.Even the inflight movies bore me to death.The meals are certainly not something to look forward to & the customs queues at the airport get me a bit cranky & why is my luggage always the last lot to be put on the carousel?

    I Have always felt once im up thier my arms will get tired,

    Yes, because,  God didn't give me wings and also it's not the fall, I worry about, it's the sudden stop.


    God didn`t give you clothes..but It doen`t mean that he meant you to walk round stark naked!!LOL ;-))

    GOD don't mind, but our LAWS frown upon it, Yes.

    laws?...what carbon emissions etc?...Too many laws and rules to live by for my liking!;-0

    No. I’m not afraid to fly. I’ve been flying all over since before I was born and still do.


    Your arms must be stronger then mine then,robertgrist,

    No I love flying!..The baggage bit is a bit of a hassle but still love it!


    Good, fly your butt over here :)

    hi tabber,i have a massive fear of dying outside of my country,,,i am one of those people who like to see how other people live,,but could never live outside of my country for very long,,,see ya later tabber


    thanks terryfissil1. I kind of feel the same way you do. I personally hate to travel. Too many hazzards.

    No not afraid, just can't get the hang of it.""

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