Do you vote up people just because you like them?

    or do you read the answers first? Have you ever voted down anyone?

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    I am giving back as I have accumulated a lot of Karma points.  I don't vote up answers that I find offensive or just plain wrong and I do read the bulk of the answers that I thumb up.   I did get my Karma points to give away down to just over 8000 but then the app was fixed.  I truly thought I would run out for a couple of weeks. 

    Karma On Everyone!!!

    Good question.I must confess I do TU people I like just because I like them.The times I have TD'd could be counted on the fingers of 1 hand.I usually just leave them alone if I don't like what they have posted.As you probably realise,I'm only here for the fun of it.I just love talking to you guys on the other side of the planet.


    Hear! hear!, Tom, my thoughts exactly.

    I know for a fact that some posters are not from this planet! I'm sure of it. They secretly communicate with each other with silly questions that have no earthly answer--You can be sure though that someone from another planet will answer them and it only makes sense to them, none of us get it. there's your proof. There's aliens amongst us.

    Bloody Eggplant! She's never around when you need her.

    I don't vote enough..  I sometimes forget the Karma game.


    me too, Vin. Now, if there was a reward for the Karma points, I would work at getting them.

    What???????? :)

    amen, I rarely look at karma

    I only vote “up” and I vote up everyone who participates…for participating, weather I agree with their opinion or not. I sometimes comment, if I have time and am interested in the discussion or views. I like to add humor when I can, usually with some flippant remark to give everyone a laugh. Makes my day.  


    And mine, I like your input.
    country bumpkin

    So do I, thank you!

    No I don't - If I like their answer I will give a TU -And yes I have given a few TD But not often. If I don't like the answer I just move along!  Some answers however are very irritating and downright STUPID!

    I maybe once voted a TD to an inappropiate question, now i don't bother to read them, as far as TU's , i do have a tendancy to vote in their favour if i like that member, and will i always Tu for an answer that has been well thought out without using a link from the Internet.


    I also prefer an answer than a link

    That's ONE of the reasons. All of my other reasons, have been explained at least three times previously. I like getting and giving karma, but I'm not a "karma checker". This forum is like my real life....I choose if and when I'm involved in an activity.  I'll be involved in this one, until it's no longer enjoyable.

    I vote up answers I appreciate.  Sometimes I vote up because the responder has referred the question to a website, but personally I like to provide as much of an answer as possible right here. 
    TD?  Oh yeah, Umbriel got most of my TDs, along with RussRocks, and that was because of their bigoted, sexually harassing, or otherwise inappropriate and/or stupid responses. 
    There are a couple of members I avoid because I think they are formerly banned members who have snuck back in with a different identity.
    As for the amount of karma points available (re Fishlet), I still have over 8,000 per day to dispense and that is not going to happen. 


    I agree with your comment. I also vote up ques. that I appreciate, but I've never referred anyone to a website. I usually answer questions that I can reply with some nonsence answer. I try to make everything funny, thats why I like this station. Most of you good people think I'm funny. I have a hard time being serious these days. I've grown out of that. My motto is Sex (ha ha) drugs(lipitor,toporol,tums)the Rolling Stones.

    Crestor. :D
    country bumpkin

    Bob/PKB latest answer moved to comment section where it belongs. (Only one answer allowed per question. See final bullet on rules page)

    4 years later, and probably less than 30 regularly contributing "members", it is painfully obvious that quality questions and/or answers have nothing to do with votes.

    No, I don't vote up people just b/c I like them. That would never occur to me. I read the question and the answers, and I vote up the answers that are logical and seem to help the person asking the question. It would be like grade school to vote up a person just b/c you like them. I don't look at my karma points anyway, or anybody elses, b/c they don't mean anything.


    I don't receive a TU from you VERY often, MCM. What would make my answers seem more sincere and appropriate to you? It would be nice to earn your vote.

    Heck yeah.


    I admire your honesty

    Only for you!

    No, I  vote an answer up that I agree with, or one that gives me" food for thought". I have never (I hope) voted anyone down, if I disagree I may say so, or if I find the question offensive I ignore it.

    I vote up people for simply answering. I do not vote up if the answer to too rude or obnoxious for this wonderful site and the wonderful people on it.

    I think it would be better to have a system such as the one on facebook labeled "Like" (like, love, sad, angry, etc)


    and there's no " dislike " button on F B
    I'm new here, but from what I've noticed there seem to be a few clicks here. I understand that there are a few like minded groups and that's just normal. Kinda like high school lol. If you like a persons answers most of the time I'm sure you could develop a good group of friends here.


    terryfossil 1

    Bugger Roy, i am gonna have to try harder to get on your good side,,how am i gonna get to a coupla million karma without the help of mates..:):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....yes, I have favorites 

    ....I read before voting

    ....on a few occasions there were thumbs down

    If someone takes the time to have any kind of input,i will tu,i do not believe i have ever TD anyone on purpose. I do believe that even the most one eyed person has a right to their opinion,however i will not converse with a person of that intelligence,,i prefer to answer questions from my own experiences or opinion's or understandings of the subject in question..if i cannot provide input to a question from myself,i will fall back on the internet,or simply not answer the question,after all,there are a lot smarter people on AKA than me who are more than capable of answering questions that i cannot..and last but not least,do i vote up people i like,YES,but then i like all on AKA bar one,,i figure thats a good average..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Do you vote for everyone, even when they don't acknowledge your effort and contribution?
    I can't and don't TU someone who ignores my effort anymore. I know my answers are sincere and have been given thought before responding. Their answers better be awfully strong for a TU from me at this point.
    terryfossil 1

    It is always nice to have people thank you or acknowledge your efforts Bob,but it is not why i am on AKA,,i will vote up someone even if i disagree with them,and i might even tell them i do not agree with them,and if they feel my efforts and contribution is worth a TU or TD,that is there choice..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Makes sense

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