Who else thinks most poeple who ask questions here will never see the answers?

    First they have to know there's the first page that their question posts to, then there's the second page that it gets sent to once it's answered. I know there's tabs saying unanswered and answered but I don't think most notice those. Add to that the fact that only 10 topics show at a time and there's so many topics to scan through, I think people just don't know how to find their question again to see the answer. I wonder of there's a way it can be posted that if a user clicks on their name they can see their question on their profile page. I like helping but I fear 85% of my answers go unseen by the questioner.

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    Please notice this question is 3 years old and was a question that I posted before the developers added the notification button to help people find the answers to their question. That button helped.

    where on the page is the button ?

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    Hi Colleen;


    That could be part of the problem aka had with Google directing and ranking policies.  We will never know. 

    I did look the subject up, obviously criteria for a sight was missed or something else was terribly wrong. ... Or the "linked to" sites were unacceptable. 

    It is an interesting subject.


    Incidentally, there are 14 answers missing from this question.


    Another glitch, maybe?


    No, this was not part of the problem. I asked this question shortly after we got this forum. This is the second forum for akaQA. The previous one was all one page with unanswered and answered questions mixed together and I just thought at the time that finding answers should have been made easier on this forum. The developers added the notification button after I asked this question in an attempt to help people find the answers to their question.

    As for the missing answers, it was not a glitch but I know what happened. They just never got reinstated after I deleted my account back during the first year. The developers retrieved what they could. Not all questions and answers came back however. It doesn't really matter because this question is 3 years old and is not relevant anymore.




    De Ja Vu????

    Where'd my first answer go?


    Sorry, I was at doctor appointments most of the day yesterday. I was not around to see where your answer went. I went to bed early last night because I was not feeling well and spent the day today resting and trying to regain some energy. I spent no time at the computer til now. I noticed the other old question of mine that you answered yesterday and said that your answer disappeared from that one too. You should let the admin know that your answers disappear a lot (Including the Willie one that neither I nor Python saw). They may need to check your account.

    Hope you're feeling better, I gave up writing to admin a long time ago,no point in farting against thunder, I never get any response unless I've been "naughty".

    It was 19 answers, but it seems only your responses remain, not only on this question.
    Very strange.

    No, that's not what's strange.

    Somehow I managed to find my way around with my feeble mind. 

    Have you looked under the seat cushions to find what you're looking for?

    Uh uh.. There's mean animals living in there, I don't go there ever! -- DAMN I HATE this little composition window-- Fix it dammit!

    no problem for me..............

    Some of my questions have disappeared, but they usually float to the top. I have learned how to find some of them. I do go by  " Answered and UnAnswered "

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