how to set the timing on my 1999 tahoe 5.7

    installed a new motor in my truck the distributor was removed now it started then it shut down an want start back up i was told the timing was off

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    if you have removed the distributor,you will need to bring number one cylinder up to TDC,where both tappet are closed and number one cylinder in all the way to the top of the cylinder,with the number #1 plug out you can verify it is!after you have that done,then look at the distributor cap,most caps on top are marked where number one plug wire should go,drop the the distributor down in the hole moving rotor to point where number # 1 cylinder in at on cap close as you can,you may have to turn oil pump shaft down in distributor hole,use a screw drive flat blade a long one to turn slot to correspond with distributors rotoe to place on number one ,then set distributor in hole where it will go down in slot to line up with where the rotor points to number one on cap,then you should be close to time,this should get you where the motor will start,by adjusting the position of the distributor by turning a little each way,but you will need to have a scan tool placed on it to get it to the closes point where the check engine light will go out,or to be reset! 

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