Do you like more living in village or in city?

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    I live in a small-ish town in Scotland, I've lived in cities and never ever liked it, cities are for working in,not living in, too impersonal, I like my little town where you can be anonymous if you want but can go out and most people know you and speak to you, that doesn't happen in cities.

    I live in Austin where we try to "keep it weird", a large city where most everyone is friendly (unless they came from out-of-town)......

    Living in a small town. I could never live in a big city.

    I want to live in a hamlet - a little tiny place where everybody knows everybody else. I want that more than anything. I live in this huge city where big cars go fast and crime in rampant. Neighbors rarely meet. I want fresh air, good water, gardens. I think I would like people to ride horses like in the old days.   That's one me.

    The other me wants to live in San Francisco and live the high life. Answer is ... I dunnno. 

    Yes Romos I have always lived in a village, this one for 43 years, and before that in the village where I was born.


    I meant on akaQA.

    Oh yes ,I don't have as much karma as you, you work harder at the answers than me.

    Not what I meant again.
    If you have a one in your karma you must have been here at the start.

    Well I didn't know that, yes I think I did come on here when it first started, then there was a few months when i didn't have time . Now I am semi retied, and the job I have gives me a bit of spare time to be on here.

    I live in a small village, on a main route to the nearest town which is about 4miles away.there are about 800 people living in the village, most people know each other . It's nice, better than a town or city I think.


    You've been here a while?
    I just noticed the one in your karma.

    My next answer was meant as a comment to you Romos.

    I know.

    I live in a city that is surrounded by farmland and mountains.  It is quite central and because of this we can take all sorts of great day trips.  This is a great place to live.


    It sounds quite jolly,what,what,

    What, what, jolly, ho!

    What, what, jolly, ho!

    I live in a small hamlet where everyone knows everyone else and I love it! Just  skipping into the local grocery store for an item can take some time because you always run into friends and neighbors. For me cities are great places to visit.

    I live in a village within a city.Got the best of both worlds. We are 5 minutes away from every service you could think of. In fact you could live your entire life within this village & never need to venture out of it,Altho we often do.


    Yes, that seems like the way to go!!!

    I live near a high and windy hill,a maket town,Rose Hill,Surrey,


    You live in Rose Hill?After our conversation the other day I am wondering about you Denny.

    yea but i did not know the older lady had the same name,from hello hello,at least she has a bed with a transmitter built in,

    C'mon.She prob'ly lives next door to you."Allo,Allo"

    Ill only say this once,Tommyh,she dont so,

    I live in a medium size city, about 70k.  But it's very high tech and the people here 'now' are totally rude.  (home of Google)  I am soon going to retire, when i do  we will be moving to Tennessee,  12 miles from the nearest town and it only has a population of about 1200.  near a big lake! Thaks what I prefer now.  

    I have lived only small town and do not know city life, but they both seem fun! I have been in both.

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