How do I remove a banana stain from my white pair of underpants?

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    Moderator of the more serious problems of life. Gosh, I hope this is as tough as it gets for you.

    I agree, I want to know how it got there in the first place! The real question is who eats bananas in their underwear?

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    You might try to"peel" it off.  :D

    I don't know, but a more interesting question would be "How did a banana stain wind up on a pair of underpants?" ""


    I was eating a banana in the kitchen, when it started to rain. The washing was out on the clothes line. I put my half eaten banana on the washing machine while I ran out to get the clothes off the line. When I came back inside, I put the washing on the machine as I had forgotten about the banana.

    How long did it take for you to create that story?

    If I was you, I'd ask my parole officer that one.

    I'm not sure but I guess you wouldn't want to go for a job interview with this terrible problem on your mind.

    Dye them yellow then it will not notice,or was it a green banana,??

    Parolee, save this stuff for when you go back into the "big house", perhaps your roomie will have more humor than us!  Enjoy your honeymoon while there!

    Yeah right

    Don't be a pig. 

    I actually locked this question but you guys need some fun. 

    Keep it clean please but enjoy your new toy :) 

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