A family of 11 elephants, including a two month old baby have been slaughted by poaches just for thier tusks.

    Apparently there is a high demand for ivory in Asia, i know Australia has a ban on ivory products, has yours. A whole family wiped out just for man's greed, is there a way to stop this?  --  i was of two minds in whether to post the photo, it is graphic, thou turning a blind eye will not stop this senseless slaughter.""

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    It's amazing to me that the demand for Ivory still exists.  Awareness is obviously not global.  The very sad thing is that Elephants are not the only creatures who fall prey to these types of, what I consider, Crimes.


    The sad thing is Rhino's are slaughted for their horns, Asians have this idiotic idea it is a Aphrodisiac, mainly Chinese.

    I know. I am not taking the lid off this one... I become outraged by this subject.



    Good one, Lindi. --- How True.

    what bulletman said!

    That's terrible, I hope that one day an elephant takes revenge on the wicked humans that did this.


    I whole heartily agree, while greed exists this will happen again and again.

    This is a photograph with great power. Thank you, bulletman.

    This is amazingly sad and an outrage!!!!!  Elephants are lovely creatures and smart!  Ivory should be outlawed around the globe!  So should fur! and while we are at it, the only leather that should be allowed should come from animals that died a natural death...shall I continue??


    I was outraged too, LittleDoo when i saw it on the news, in this day and age these atrocities should not be happening.


    There is nothing i can say Bulletlman,the pictures speak of the sick and disgusting way of what they call human beings,


    Life means nothing to them.

    I was trying to eat as I read this, suddenly my apatite is gone. Sickening...........


    JH, sorry about your appetite, seeing is believing.

    What Savages these people are. I hope they catch them and line them up one by one and shoot them and it would not bother me one bit.
    Ivory is very much in demand by the Chinese and I am sure then could care less how many elephants are beeing murdered, as long they have the Ivory.
    369 elephants were killed last year in kenya. What a sick nation!


    I think they should be throw about and stomped to death by the remaining elephants!

    I read a short article that stated 22 poachers were shot and killed after slaughtering an incredible family of elephants elsewhere...those poachers were treated like the Savages they were. Sick...and sadly sad. :(

    good. at least the court where they wre agreed with us.

    There have been 1000 elephants and over a thousand rhinos killed last year in Africa.
    Custom officials seized three large shipments in Hong Kong of Ivory last year, worth millions from kenya, passing through malaysia.
    Ivory is usually smuggled to thailand or china for ornamental purposes.
    Kenyas wildlife agency will install an alarm system around fences in nparks and wildlife sanctuaries that would reduce poaching up to 90%.
    This is good news for these animals. I sure hope it works.
    I agree with both of you, Doo and lindi. These poachers should be stomped to death or shot to death. I have no sympathy for these evil people.
    I'm trying to think of that Australian whom is on this mission to save them he cuts there tusks off see the thing is the dont have to kill the animals to get the tusks.. They can cut them off there just like a big toe nail..

    Who would think that ivory would be worth anything ...

    Wonder, as long as the Asians pay big bucks and the tourists buy products made from ivory, these killings of 'our' precious animals will continue.
    Deleted User

    Like the way they kill the whales ..

    Any American who purchases ivory in Asia can not bring that ivory into the USA. They will be arrested and fined or imprisoned or both.
    Deleted User

    So they should be.. Like any black market trade if people support it, pouchers will continue to kill these animals..
    I just think sadly in 30 years all our wild animals will be in zoos not in the wild where they truly belong.

    Unfortunately the bans, though they help the animals for the most part also make it harder for the criminals to resist because the value of the ivory soars due to the ban. When there is too much money to be made, they will find a way to kill and get the ivory. Like anything it is a double edged sword and a fight to keep the animals safe.
    Deleted User

    We will always have wildlife warriors :) trying there best to save the animals for the future.. It's sad really..

    It's very sad when a gentle giant has to lose it's life over two tusks. The poachers should be hung alive for the lions to eat.
    Deleted User

    Lol ... Reminds me of this documentary I watched where this lion chased these pouchers..

    You can't cut an elephant's tusk off while it is alive. A tusk is a tooth and so has nerves and blood vessels inside it. However, a rhino's horn is made from compressed hair and can be cut off but it will grow again. It might be possible to sustain the world's demand for this product by a planned harvesting project, though I suppose this is the wrong answer.
    Deleted User

    Well they have been , they dar the animal chop it off with a chainsaw, they do it to rhinos as well..

    I know the law exists in Australia,the UK & Usa.I believe any ivory taken after 1948 is illegal to bring into the country. It is sad & disgusting that these magnificent animals are killed for the value of their tusks.Elephants are my favourite animal,especially the African variety.They are so much like us.They have family values.

    There are now people capturing some of the elephants  the elephants are tranquilized and the tusks cut off! This is saving many elephant  lifes. This was on a news program or some such thing last week!  Elephants are family oriented  How sad some people are so hungry for food or their  lives as to sacrifice another mammal to gain!  But there are the money grabbers too! (MAY THEY ROT IN HELL)


    One of the saddest aspects of the crime is that the carcasses are left to rot.many Africans will eat elephant meat as a delicassie,let alone the millions of starving Africans.How many hungry kids could you feed with just one elephant carcase?

    Protest to your humane society or WWF Call your senators or any law making people ! Protest my friends and be loud about it! Thank you!

    You know what? I think I will protest.Thanks Clu.

    Thank you Tommyh ! Any help is appreciated!

    It is hard to watch. But I think it is important to know those things happen, and such pictures make it more memorable. There are many places in the world where hunting is not enforced enough. Where did this happened?


    Sorry Jenp, i neglected to say Kenya National Park last Weekend 5th/6th, Park rangers came across the bullet ridden corpses, it is sad the entire family was slaughted.

    It is sad. I hope they will get caught and panished, and finally find a way that doesn't include slaughter to make a living.

    Ivory is banned in the USA too. I believe the ban came into being in 1985. Africa continues to fight the ban. 

    Sorry, make that 1989.

    "At a 1989, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora) meeting, 115 countries decided to ban the international trade of ivory in the hopes of restoring elephant populations to healthy levels." USA was among the countries. 


    It is hard to enforce in some of these corrupt African countries , at least the other countries are trying to do something.

    Thanks Colleen.That corrects my answer.I thought the ban is the US was placed way before that.But at least it's in place now.If only the rest of the world would follow suit.

    As long as some scum of the earth is willing to pay for it, there will be equally scummy scum of the earth killing for it. 


    Right on , MsBob.

    Sad as sad can be. Beautiful animals. They should be revered.


    it's a shame they are not by all.

    I agree witchway...they are like Gods unto be left unharmed.See what these awesome folks from the band of yesteryear 'Steppenwolf' are doing for these beautiful creatures>>>

    Great link lindilou, thanks.

    How would the Chinese like it if we went into China, slaughtered their beloved Pandas and sold parts of them for profit? 


    They are protected a lot better than the elephants in Kenya, these elephants were slaughtered in a Nationally protected reserve for goodness sake, sad but true.

    Sad news !!

    Where did you hear it ?


    G'day Log, i caught it on Sunrise, a morning news programme, couple of days ago.

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