I don’t know how to put pictures and cartoons on akaQA. Can you help me?

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    If you are talking about images that you can bring up such as ... 'flower images'

    Click on the images label when it appears then scroll down until you find the picture you like...

    Left click on the image so that it appears on your screen.

    Right click on the image and scroll down to copy.  Click on copy.

    Go back to this section and  left click then right click... choose paste... it usually doesn't work the first time ... so repeat.  Magic!



    Some day in this new year I will post a moving image. This will be a big day for me. : ) Thanks Fishlet.

    Do you know how to copy and paste? You have to right click on the image (image found on the internet) then copy the URL address (option may read, copy image URL) then come back to akaQA and in the add new answer box, click the tree image  "" 

    then you will see this box 


     Where it says, image url you would right click into that and select paste. This will paste  the url address into the long box. Once pasted, you then click the button labeled "insert" as seen on the above image.  Once you've finished, click "post an answer". 



    I keep messing with that tree and nothing happens. Maybe now! I have this tiny computer. When it first came to me I thought of it as a toy. Now everything is smaller.
    If I spend a few minutes every day surely it will happen for me.

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