Would You Believe It!

    Woolies ( Woolworths) have easter eggs on there shelves already,  do think this is bit early, the Mighty Dollar Rules!

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    I know the hot cross buns are in Woolworths.

    Give me break. This is insane!



    <3<3<3… I too early…love? 


    One can never be too early for love, unless one is a piece of candy that can go stale sitting on the self.

    Chances are that is 2012 candy.  I remember working at a "department" store in 2003; we put the previous summer's clothes out in early February. The customers bought the stuff that didn't move a year before as though it were the latest fashions. What a racket.
    It makes me sad that holidays are pushed at us months in advance.  I've not been in  store for about a week, so missed all the post-holiday sales (darnit).  


    Sometimes they are not a true sale only a con job, MsBOB.:-) --- what time is it there must be early morn, Thurs. 3rd 6.30pm here.

    Must have been around midnight. It's 6 pm now, and my answer is 18 hours old. hmm

    for the "applianace sales ", all they do is jack up the price beyond what it's worth, then lower it.Even the sale price is beyond what it's worth.

    My paycheck just showed the added costs and I'm losing $60/month. Doesn't sound like much, but I make so little to START with..... ;(
    Lol have you Only just noticed that they do this? The minute Santa gets put away out come the eggs..

    Are there any products out for Valentine's?, Wonder
    Deleted User

    Not really they start doing the teddy bear things at the beginning of February, but they do Easter stuff straight after Christmas they have for years now ..

    The hearts. Where are the hearts!!
    Deleted User

    Aww thanks don lol

    I fixed THAT on my end and  haven't gone into a store yet......


    I hadn't been able to shop for a couple of months, mistakenly got caught in the post Christmas sales, made a fast exit and convinced hubby baked beans were very good for him, not going near those crowds

    The candy will be old and stale before Easter hits. The stores here have Valentines out now. 


    Aussies don't celebrate Valentine's Day. They simply don't believe in L-o-v-e.

    All they do is swim and watch old Paul Hogan re-runs !

    Digger are you trying to start a war, we have every thing you have except for Columbus Day and Thanks giving, sometimes i think we are the 51st state. lol.

    BM, Canadians don't celebrate Columbus Day either,although just like Australia, we have plenty of Italian imports to justify the event.(including yours truly. Capeesh?) ;-)

    Comprendai, Digger the Italada. lol. -- how did you get the name Digger as it is slang for an Australian Soldier.?

    Colleen, with all the additives they are putting in food nowadays it could last to Doomsday.

    Not really. I just tossed a tin of chocolate candies my sister gave me last Christmas that I never opened. I tried it and it was gross. Old and stale and no longer tasted like chocolate.

    Colleen, Funny you should say that, my partner was going to put out some chocolates Walker's Chocolate Liqueurs for the NYears party,they were absolutely crap, i had a word to her as the use by Date was 2011, you are right they certainly do not keep for long.

    It was the same at some Supermarkets in UK, stocking up on Chocolate eggs and Hot cross buns just after Christmas, Tescos, though they be the first, with their Easter eggs,  had them on sale, on Christmas Eve. The TV advs have already, started for summer holidays.  Its all getting a bit to much.

    What it I say NO !

    By the way I will search about it .

    it's assinine. They're making a farce out of Easter, like they did Christmas.


    What kind of Christmas do you celebrate? Gift giving? Tree trimming Decorating? Do you play Christmas music and eat a Christmas dinner or have you ever? That's a farce since your religion never commanded that it's people celebrate the birth of Christ or to overtake a Pagan holiday and celebrate that same way the Pagans celebrated the birth of their God. Seems to me, you all farced first. :)
    The rest of the world have simply followed suit. By the way, your religion over took the Pagans celebration of the spring equinox too.

    Colleen. i'm afraid i do both.:-)

    Me too. Apparently I'm making a farce out of Christmas.

    Yup, straight after Christmas, sort of takes the fun out of looking forward to Easter away from the littlies, 


    I would not mind betting the eggs are from last year. :-)

    Thee are so many things that use to be seasonal you can have all year round nowadays. 

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