I am tied of Grandored ,All my feeling have dried up.I no longer care about my glory,at 29,Ihave exsushted everthing

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    Trust me at 29 years young, you are just beginning your life of knowledge. Exhausted everything? I doubt that seriously. If your feelings have dried up, add some spice to your life, get another lover or two. You'll feel much better. Cheer up, nobody wants to hang out with someone sad, it brings them down. Put a smile on your face and move forward.

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    That is not acceptable dear Hector!!  Chin up, Chest out and Live Live Live.  You are still young... Get out and mingle.  Join a curling club (You can be the first member!)  Take up indoor Golf... Join a dog agility club... Take up square dancing (You can be the first member here as well!)... Take up learning how to play and sing Country Music... big fun in that... Tomorrow is another day. 

    Hugs and Kisses from the Fish... now I have to go and cheer up a Sea Urchin... they get a bit blue this time of the year and they are limited as to what clubs they can join... (but, you already knew that ... they don't have arms or eyes... Le' Weepsy Weep)


    thanks fishy,at least someone cares,xxx,for the new year,

    .....sniffles....s-sea urchins.....po' l'il dudes......le'sniff..

    Le' Weepsy Weep... :(

    Sounds a bit snakebit to me.Get your arse in gear & get over it. 29? Is that all you are? You've got a long way to go & the best is yet to come old mate.


    Aw heck hector! Wassup wit dat? Chin up ole boy and keep swimming...this time of year can suck terribly for some of us so-o, you are not alone in this...but "don't let it bring you's only Castles burning...just find someone who's turning...and you will come around!!" (quote: Neil Young)

    Peace and Love my little bro'! (blink blink)


    ...and give Wills a kiss for us would you?? smmmmooooch! ;)


    Hmmmmmm? I think the ages of 27-29 are very difficult. They were for me anyway.

    You do not care about your glory? Oh, how can that be? I have never had any glory to be tired of. I just go along day by day and take whatever it brings me. Christmas is over and that's one thing to be happy about for sure!

    I like the new year. Ever new year I look at my new calender and think "This is the year I'll get it right" It hasn't happened yet but I haven't lost hope.

    "Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone." That's kind of scary to think about when depression hits, but you have to try. TRY! Write back. 

    I like lindilou's quote it's playing in my head ... "You will come around." 

    Cheer up Hector. Things are never as bad as they seem. Many people get the holiday-blues and I used to be one of them.
    Be positive. The sun will shine again just for you.


    Things are ok my sweet Ann,

    Wow Hector! That's great.

    Sounds like you're ready for 30 already!

    Time to 'glory' in others, that's you're second wind :)




    You must care a little bit or you would not have posted this question. However, its natural to feel this way sometimes. I'll bet on another day, a sunny day, you'll feel different. Obviously you didn't get what you wanted for xmass . Try getting a different lover, you'll feel much better.

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