Now that Christmas is over, how are you feeling?

    I'm suffering from Post Christmas Syndrome. I just answered a question entirely wrong!  PCS!

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    I've never had a hangover in my life! Guess the alcoholism syndrome got bred out. Did all of my shopping on line. PCS is Post Christmas Syndrome. I made it up but, it is real!!!!!!!

    I was checking my email....

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    I'm glad its over! I got all kinds of great gifts that I will enjoy!  We had a little snow today and the drive home from work was hectic! At one stop sign I watched the truck ahead of me slide thru on the wrong side of the road! This was the first measurable snow and it is slick!


    Don't you drive on the "wrong" side of the road anyhow......?

    Julie, I live in Michigan! What side of the road do Texans drive on?

    I thought you were in England for some reason. You're in a cold spot! Us Texans drive anywhere we damn well want

    jhharlan, I think my husband must have been a Texan in his last life, drives the same, needless to say he is always the passenger in my car

    Does he know why?

    He thinks his driving is fine, up and over gutters and over round a bouts, wears a ten gallon hat and sings along to country music (a real shame job!)he has backed into every single telegraph pole in town and no one, but no one hitches a ride with him (even though we have no public transport out here) needless to say he is banned from driving my car

    How funny and what a shame. He sounds like one hellava guy though. Telegraph pole? I've never seen one to my knowledge.......

    Not bad really.Still eating Xmas leftovers.No problem,I like ham. :)


    ham & potato hash browns.
    ham fritters.

    Hang on Donny.I'm running out of ham.LOL

    Sounds deelish Don.I've never tried it.

    No we don't have Kroger down here.

    Ham is ham.
    Ham is good.

    MMMMMMMM! ham.

    I am glad it is over. We have a major snow storm coming tonight and all day tomorrow with a  Northeaster. Scary thought.


    Uh, it got to freezing for a little while here in Austin. Snow? What's that?

    Very, very, seedy - my mouth feels like the bottom of a cocky's cage.


    Rinse it out with vodka, spit, don't swallow unless you need the hair of the dog....

    Mine too, but I suspect the reason is different

    We survived 12-21-12 nicely. 12-25-25 was better than ever as we did nothing, no tree, no elaborate dinner, ahhh……. just relax and work on crafts and arts without interruption. So nice to dodge the stress. Sit in the hot tub while watching the snow fall, eat simply, turn the TV off and let the seasonal stress go.   


    sounds perfect

    I am so relieved...that this holiday is over and anxiously awaiting to start my new good luck in '13 year!  This time last december [2011] i was on hospice, and my separated ex between one of them or perhaps both, were bound and determined to 'do me in'...well I didn't let them get the best of me! Now I am still here [obviously], and it is time for me to be heard. This december was so poignant, and I am undoubtly a gazillion times stronger than I was last year.  I have 2 types of a genetic inherited trait, from my bio 'sperm donor'of whom I never got to know [thank God]...that has dramatically changed my life...and I believe for the better.Always believe in yourself...and let God.


    I agree with Don Darling... good for you drchristiebaby.

    My Dad is AWOL from the nursing facility he was staying in. He can't walk. His wife kidnapped him for Christmas and she hasn't answered my phone messages. Ironically, I discovered a picture of his Father on I've never seen him before! My Dad hasn't seen him since he was 5 yrs. old.

    Dad grew up with his Step-Father and Mother. Bio-Grandpa passed away in 1990 at the age of 91. One of the two pictures of Bio-Grandpa is from 1904 when he was 5yrs old.


    Your Father's wife must have missed him. I hope you get to spend some time with him Figtree. My Father called me 'Sweetie' today on the phone... he has never called me that in my life. Dads can be curious creatures.

    I found my dad when I was in my 30's, oddly he had always been a part of my life, just not as my dad, he recently ran away to a commune (always was a little eccentric) but returned safe and sound, so all is well


    I feel just fine!  I ate some great food, had connections with people whom I haven't seen in a while, had my livingroom all decorated, and enjoyed a few hours of "mall madness" where I always run in to people that I know.  I also never spend more than I can afford!  So, it's all good and now on to New Years Eve and plans for some more great food!          :)


    No but it's big enough for me.


    It was a 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends' Christmas.  What is there not to love about that?!  We are very useful engines!  ... My living room is filled with train tracks going here, there and everywhere ... Toot Toot!


    The eyes have it 8)

    I don't celebrate it, but the massacre in Connecticut really "put a damper" on X-mas. In that sense, I'm sort of glad it's over.


    I already have one.

    This Witch is feeling on top of the world this holiday season.

    great. no more presents to buy for people.  bad. no more spiked eggnog



    we're out of eggnog though. i cant spike invisible eggnog

    This is from a man who no longer drinks. Memories Don?

    I like vodka and tonic. I love gin. Rum I'm not wild about. right now I'm drinking fresh grapefruit juice and lemon, sugar, and tequila.

    It's too late, it's getting on my bedtime! But I'd like to share a drink with you....

    I'VE heard of it in the movies , what is Eggnog?

    Dear @BM, read what Wiki has to say about it: Eggnog, or egg nog, is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar, and whipped eggs (which gives it a frothy texture). Brandy, rum, whisky, bourbon, vodka, or a combination of liquors are often added. The finished serving is often garnished with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or nutmeg.

    Eggnog is a popular drink throughout the United States and Canada, and is usually associated with Christmas. Eggnog may be added as a flavoring to food or drinks such as coffee and tea. Eggnog as a custard can also be used as an ice cream base

    A memorable one, though I hope never to repeat it, I met some wonderfully warm, funny and generous people, all of us in an unfamiliar city for heavy duty treatment, we made our own Christmas and hubby found a tree at a second hand shop, we crammed it in a tiny unit we had and we would all sat around sharing stories of home and our hopes while we sipped our hospital grade sustagen and watched the twinkle of the lights on the little tree, quite possibly a better Christmas than ever


    ,,,,and certainly not your last!

    Hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll be eating turkey, ham and all the other goodies next year, maybe even some pink bubbly (we're not legally allowed to call it champagne anymore)unless of course it's imported from France

    You can't call it champagne? Why on earth not??

    Satisfied. This was a wonderful Christmas for me, as all three of my sons spent at least a bit of time at my home on Christmas Day and are getting along with each other (and me) has me hopeful (as always) for continued blessings.  
    How am I feeling about saying adieu to 2012?  Good riddance, for the most part.  


    Thanks for the email!

    Good you had your sons for Christmas, family matters and what a great time of year to get together

    Thank you! My middle son was released on 12/18, after 21 months in county jails. He's staying with me most of the time and says he's through being "bad".

    Its now 1st of the New Year, life will be, soon back to normal TG. My first Christmas not been able to have , cake, pudding, cream, sweets etc. Felt like the child, Santa forgot. Then I though about poor people, who didnot really have any thing, I felt blessed. I dont like presents much, because, they are seldom, what I like.


    Well, Happy New Year to you from those that love you.......

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