Armed guards are coming to Marlboro, New Jersey schools, in response to the Connecticut massacre. Thoughts?

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    I read this on Facebook. This guy puts it in perspective:

    "I’m tired of keeping quiet…try this...Remove every armed guard, cop, sheriff, trooper & soldier everywhere. We protect everything...banks, armored cars, freeways, borders, other countries with guns. Now you POC liberals are saying our kids aren't worth protecting? many tax dollars that would take away from your programs? How about you tell a kid that you want your food stamps, cigarettes and iPhones; no money to protect them. Child molesters live a block away…the government says it’s ok, don’t want to offend them. Rapists live on your street…they got out early. Drug dealers are working in front of your house because the government says it’s ok. Tell them that you value money, freeways and the border more than them. Conservatives will tell them that the man in uniform in front of the school is there because they are more important than drugs, money or the Mexico border."
    Jim Burr

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    In light of what happened in Sandy Hook School it's probably a good idea.At least the parents will feel as tho the kids are a bit safer. What a bloody shame it's come down to that tho? Armed guards with weapons training is at least a more acceptable idea than arming the teachers.


    You are right Tommy, althou i feel it is just a band- aid solution.

    You are so right kent.The only thing we had to fear at school was the teachers.LOL.I don't think anyone has the answer to it,gun control or nutcase control seems to be the most viable option.But where do they start?

    I think it's a good idea right now. All the media attention that continues to cover the Sandy Hook shootings is dragging all the nuts out of the wood work. More and more schools are getting threats. All the wanna be mass murders are lining up to see if they can get famous too. The media should never have spent so much time promoting Sandy hook. They should leave the families to grieve and stop covering every funeral. All the talk of removing guns from the law abiding citizens (because we all know the criminals will not give theirs up) is causing the criminals to feel a bit safer knowing people will be less likely to use their guns while the gun battle rages. They have all the time they need to just wait for Obama to remove guns, then they will have free run. Yes, it's best to have armed guards at schools while Obama continues to let nutters run free. Obama has no time for all this now anyway. He's on vacation......again.......adding to the deficit. 

    Armed Guards did not prevent the Columbine High Shool massacre in 1999 where 15 people were killed and 23 wounded.
    The NRA, like usual is pointing the finger at everyone and everything, but themselves and insist more guns are the answer. I think they are a highly dangerous organization.
    Much stricter gun control and outlawing automatic weapons surely are a better solution.

    do,you not have a mental health registra in the states,but for the grace of god some of us , all have times when all is not well and some may throw a wobley,but with no guns the damage is limited,that can be done,

     Do you think its the answer Clonge,??


    Unfortunately, yes. Who knows how many other Adam Lanzas are out there?

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