So How Do You Work This!?

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    We're trying to figure it out for you!


    I knew you would ask this question... you must hurry.  There are only a few days left... then Blast-off time Billy!  Here you go...


    Work what?

    Read the manual.


    Bend it like becks ?.. How to Play Soccer
    Do you want to make your high school varsity team? Do you want to play professional soccer? Do you want to finally achieve your dreams? Do you want to become a great soccer player?

    Then it’s time to learn how to play soccer. But not just how to play, how to play well.

    Soccer is a game of dreams. The ability to play well, extremely well, can make you a living. It can give you glory. And most of all it provides an endless amount of fun.

    But not everyone excels at soccer. While the game is always fun, it is always more satisfying to win. It more fun to dazzle defenders than to get nuteged. It is more fun and satisfying (for most players) to play on a Division 1 team than a Division 3. I’m sure you would rather play varsity as opposed to junior varsity.

    When you are good, even great at soccer, new opportunities emerge. What if you can make every team you try out for (including the olympic team)? What if you could play for your national team. These are all dreams shared by players, and they are possible if you are great.

    But how does one become great?

    By learning the correct way to perform skills.

    That’s where this book comes in. It will teach you:

    Perfect technique for every soccer skill
    The position you should be playing (many players get this wrong and suffer because of it)
    How to defend well
    How to blast the ball into the goal
    How to choose the perfect soccer team or club
    How to pass with great accuracy and perfect pace
    And much, much more
    It’s only 9.99, half off for a limited time. Get it now:

    Read on for the biggest, most harmful soccer myth that harms player’s development:

    The Biggest Soccer Myth
    Many people are under the impression that becoming a great soccer player is about natural talent. While talent is a factor, even the most untalented player can greatly improve. If you have even a little bit of natural soccer or athletic talent, and a desire to improve, nothing is impossible.

    How To Play Great Soccer
    This brings me to the second biggest myth regarding soccer: that “practice makes perfect.” Let me tell you something: practicing alone won’t make you great. This may seem crazy, but let me tell you how players generally play professional:

    Most professional players go to a soccer training school at an early age. They are taught all the essential soccer skills there, and practice them there.

    The second most likely scenario is the player is in a place like Chile. They play soccer all day long there against amazing competition. Usually the player with the best attitude and talent are the ones who get the break to play pro.

    So in one approach the player learns from professional coaches and players. In the other he spends the entire day playing soccer. Unfortunately, you and I probably don’t have access to either of these methods.

    But lets look at why they work. In the first method, the players first learn how to perform the skill. Then, practice and application of skills becomes much easier. They don’t just have a coach run a practice.

    It is possible to become great just from practice, but it takes much longer. You have to go through a process of trial-and-error to get the skills right, and this takes countless hours of playing. playing for 8 hours probably isn’t realistic for you.

    How You Learn Soccer
    You don’t have access to professional trainers, and you don’t have the whole day to play soccer, so what are you supposed to do? It’s simple: you learn how to perform the skills correctly, and then go practice. The result that you will master skills quickly.

    For example, say tryouts are coming up and you want to become forward for your high school team. You want to develop a rocket shot. By practicing without learning, you will just have to try things. You will end up frustrated, and probably not develop that strong shot in time for tryouts.

    But if you learn the proper shooting technique, and learn how to train yourself naturally using muscle memory, things will go much smoother. You will still have to put in the work, but the skill will be much easier and quicker to learn.

    Put simple: this book will teach you the skills. It will teach you how to play soccer well.

    Plus it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    The book is 9.99, half off for a limited time. Once you buy it, you can download it immediately:

    What’s Covered?
    Everything in this book will teach you how to play soccer well. Here’s a portion of what’s covered in this massive book:

    How to blast the ball into the net
    How to defend like a pro
    How to find the perfect position for you
    How to juggle incredibly well
    How to score goals off of corner kicks
    How to cross while running
    How to choose the perfect team for you
    The truth about soccer good soccer equipment
    Why you’re training wrong (and what to do differently)
    The trick to gaining perfect control while dribbling
    How to develop a perfect first touch
    How to pass the ball in the air to a teammate’s chest
    How to beat defenders nearly every time
    These are just some of the things you will learn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. By reading and applying this book, you will become an incredible player, and achieve your wildest soccer

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