Why do people paint their front doors red

    So many house in america has red front doors. Is this to ward off evil spirits? Why do they do that.

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    I like a red door.  Some believe it's good luck.  In my case it looks fantastic Darling!

    When I first came across this wonderful, snow covered, blue door, I was completely mesmerized. Isn’t it beautiful?! This photo started me thinking...if you have a front door that requires painting, how do you go about choosing the color to paint it?

    I don’t know about you, but I agonized and fretted quite a bit over this decision when I last had my home painted. I knew whatever color I chose, I’d be living with it for a long time. In the end, I chose a bold color and so far, I still love it. :-)

    Did you know many cultures associate rather complex meanings to the colors we choose for our home, especially the color we choose to paint our front door? The front door is thought to be the “mouth” of the home, the entry point where energy, abundance and opportunities may find us. Wow...that’s a pretty big responsibility to hang on a front door!

    I thought it would be fun to explore some of the symbolism and beliefs associated with the colors we sometimes choose for our front doors.


    My front door is not red ---however the barns here are red!  What does that mean ? Maybe you can see the red color  at any time of the year? As in the seasons?

    In colonial times there were not many colors.  So red, being one, was popular then and is now. 


    Ya think? I reckon it was just because they had red lead paint left over from painting the bottoms of their boats.:)
    Merry Christmas mate.

    And to you down under, what Christmas traditions do you have? I know that my mom-in-law always had "crackers" at the dinner table, those things that pop when you pull the ends and confetti and toys came out...

    We have my wifes entire family over.(About 50).
    We sit around on my back deck & sweat in the 100 degree heat.Some poor bugger is usually delegated to play Santa & put that bloody awful hot red suit on & dole the presents out to the kids.I usually miss that job (Too skinny)Thank God.But....That's the only Christmass we know & everybody loves it.

    Tom, if we get snow, I will send you some to cool off! We put a snowball in the freezer to have for some Aussies who visited during our summer, they got a kick out of it! We send them pics of our yard, where they have sat in summer, covered with two feet of snow in winter!

    Enjoy your white Christmas Ray.I'll think about you on the day.

    We get a white Christmas less than 50 % of the time here in Southern New England, so are always hopeful, but here we are in Dec. and the ground is not even frozen yet. We have had 3 snowfalls one of 3 in. but they haven't lasted more than two days yet. So we will see, things change quickly here, it could happen! Regards..

    I do not kown, but I do know why Fire Houses have BIG red doors.




    OK. I'll bite.Why?
    Jack Large

    So they can get those big fire trucks in and out. ;-0

    Yeah well I asked for that.Didn't I ? LOL
    Merry Christmas Jack.

    I bit. Can't believe I didn't know it.....

    It's a Feng Shui thing.My wife insisted that our front door is painted red.

    country bumpkin

    LOL, Tommyh

    To some people, it's for good luck!  For the Irish, it's to keep ghosts out.


    That`s cool..I didn`t know that one!;-)

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