Tomorrow I get divorced. Please pray the judge is fair!!!!

    It starts 9am EST (US)...and it's going to be a very hard day as I am going to have to tell the court all of the evil BS my husband put me through (my husband will not be happy).  You guys have been great (a year here on the 10th)!  Thanks for the good thoughts it will help get me through tomorrow!

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    You got it! Best wishes that the judge is not a blind judge!

    Thanks C!!! I hope so!!

    Colleen: And not deaf and dumb as well!

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    well doolittle, how did your court case go yesterday ?

    colleen will u tell me how 2 use this site

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    Congratulations on your (soon to be) Divorce!! 

    I hope everything turns out in your favor.


    Thank You...ROFL re the picture you posted! I have a magnet with the same chick that reads: I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning but not as it applies to me- LOL (I love to cook but I am nowhere close to being a neat-nick)

    How funny is that, if it was possible. lol

    Good luck in the property settlement Doo.And good luck in your new life as well.


    Thanks Tommy...I've been separated for 1 1/2 years and am much happier! He's violent so it is scarry having to talk about all the stuff in court

    It's easy for me to say but don't be scared.His violence is out of your life forever now.

    ""Hope you get a positive result.


    Thanks PL

    I'll be thinking of you.....



    Thanks Ro!!

    I know the feeling.....thoughts and prayers to you, doo.  Take a deep breath.  ((((doo))))



    Thanks! I hope eventually I'll stop looking over my shoulder!

    It will soon be better. Believe it.

    You can count on me payers and thoughts be with" the time to start living again  !!


    Thanks daren!!! I'd like to get a master's degree as I can't return to my old profession due to my back & the pain...we'll see if I'll be able to partially fund it tomorrow

    Best of wishes's never to late to re-educate, perhaps a student loan if things don't work out for you !!

    I'll be thinking of you Doo! Good Luck! I'm sure all will be in your favor!


    Thanks clu!!!

    Good luck! You're in my thoughts and prayers. May the judge be fair! (I didn't mean to rhyme...)


    LOL- it was a good rhyme! & all Doolittles like Dr Seuss!

    May the gods be with you
    With mercy and luck.
    I wish you the best,
    Take the son of a buck.....

    DOO. Sorry to hear about your sad "marriage .Good luck my loveable friend ,now live life to the full .You have great friends on this site backing you all the way MEN like that are the one`s I like to take on !! crual to a "Woman ,but runs away from real "men.  good luck xxx


    Thanks Dowsa! He's created a lot of Negative Karma!

    Best of luck to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


    Thank you!

    I just prayed for you. We'll be with you every step of the way.......and to help you adjust to your new life.


    Thanks you! I'm sure it will be a bit of a rollercoaster ride

    Good luck doolittle hope every thing goes well for you, then you can look to a new future. Will be thinlking of you.


    Thanks Sunnty!

    Good luck and hopefully the next chapter of your life will include more happiness and less drama! 


    Amen! and thanks!

    We'll all be there with you in spirit, Doo.  You have Right and Fairness on your side and that has to count for something in this world!  :)

    ádh mór -good luck



    You really are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been there and I know others prayed for me and now all is well. x


    Thank you!

    Divorced is always hard 2 start with just like any break up is, but there is always something else out there that is alot better. U just have 2 wait until it comes along. U will find happies once again when u r not looking 4 it,thats when it usely come along.But its still hard as hell 2 let go no madder what your ex. did.And going 2 hurt like hell 4 awhile. WISH U THE BEST.2nd answer>>>well 2-day is a big day 4 u what ever happens u have got 2 hold your head up and start your new life, may it b a hell of lot better then the past. when u walk out the court room doors that when u start your new life,then as time goes by the pain will start 2 go away (belive me it is still going 2 hurt 4 along time) but life is what u make of it,and u can make it alot better this time around.3rd answer >>>Good luck been there and did that it was no fun. My ex. got on drugs and i left her.Let us know how it truns out.


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    I move your question to Doolittle to the blue area where you should have posted it. To answer your question to her as to how her day in court went, see this page:

    Good Luck and Best Wishes  !!!


    Thank you!

    I`m late on this again Doo..(I saw that you had a long day of it yesterday..but don`t despair..It can take time..but you`ve got this far)!..Just all good wishes to you and I hope it won`t be much longer before it`s all behind you and you can move on!XxMillie

    Love and best of Irish luck,  Hope all is sorted by Christmas, and you can have swinging New Year., and there after. x


    That would be awesome!!! Thanks! Im 3/4 Irish but I can use the good thoughts and Irich luck (good Irish luck- my friends call me Murhy: If iy can go worn it will go wrong for me)

    Be strong, Ill be thinking and praying for you Murphy. ha ha,

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