hoe do you let a boy down gently? He's harassing me and its annoying and awks... his friends tease me every time i go past them too... HELP PLEASE!

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    This is such a pleasant stage of life....Boy likes Girl, boy harrasses girl, boy's friends harrass girl, girl does not like to be harassed (much), girl tells boy to back off.   Luckily it will change someday and you will like the kind of attention you get from guys who like you.  Until then, chin up, smile, and keep walking!

    If the boy is harassing and annoying you,

    you don't owe him a gentle let-down.

    I'd say get an adult involved...or just 

    ignore him, he'll eventually get the hint.

    Don't do anything to encourage him. Keep your distance if you can. He'll grow bored and find a new target.

    There is no such thing as the GENTLE way that's called stringing him on keeping his hopes alive be a real WOMAN step up be straight forward and honest .....honesty is ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY "tell the lad how the cow ate the cabbage just tell him your sorry you don't feel the same way if you would like to still be friends say so if not say so clean breaks are best and the sooner the better take it from a man who has had women try the gentle way with him ..... only difference is I tend to sense it and hit the road n they call asking what HAPPENED TO ME some people are intolerable LOL THE VERY NERVE ...... have a happy n prosperous new year n a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL                                              "DA GURU  SOLUTIONS"

    Are you only looking for an answer fron Hoe's or can us guys help you?



    u can help too XD
    Jack Large

    If it is happening at school, tell your teacher, WBMS

    Does he just look out when his friends are doing that??? then you should first figure out if he truly loves you cause i doubt it ....


    what do you mean "look out"? :')

    he just lets the friends do what so ever they want to do to her

    ohh, okay thanks, and yeah, he does in a way, but he always textx after to say sorry for what his friends did earlier in the day :')

    Have you tried just ignoring him and his friends. Sometimes this works. Hope I have helped. Ignore his friends too.

    hook him up with somebody else.

    I love behavior modification.  And the first rule is don't pay attention to what you do not want.  If you give feedback or attention you make the behavior stronger.  As someone else here said, ignor him and his friends.  Be busy with what you are doing and don't reinforce any of his or his friends unwanted behavior.  Don't send a double message & Move on.

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