How do you know when someone is in love with you?

    I was just wondering how exactly do we know when someone is in love with us? im in a happy relationship and my boyfriend says he loves me all the time though apart from those three letter words how do we know when someone is in love with us?

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    True love comes from showing, not telling. So listen to what your partner is saying through his actions to know if he truly loves you.


    okay thanks but what actions would let me know he genrally loves me?

    What actions do you show him that let him know you are in love with him? How do you prove this to him? Look for those actions from him to you. If you have to question if he is truly in love with you, then maybe your relationship is not as happy as you think it is.

    To colleen my relationship is just fine im not doubting if he loves me i know he does i was simply wondering in genral how do we know when someone is in love? my relationship is just fine.

    I can't agree your relationship is just fine if you have to question how to know if your boyfriend is in love with you. You sound young with a lot to learn.

    you dont even know me or anything about my relationship you sound judgemental and i think maybe you should think twice next time you express your opinion.

    I think you're very young. I think I know what you posted and what you posted is that you are uncertain about how to know if your boyfriend is in love with you. I think you need to understand words like "judgmental" before you use them. I answered based on the information you provided. Don't like my answer? Oh well, here on akaQA I am free to express my opinion to any question you ask and you are free to ignore my opinion if you do not like it.

    frankly i dont care what you think and i understand the words Judgmental its exactly what your comments are.

    No they are not and quit posting as a new answer just to bump your question to the top of the page.

    You used the word "WITH" in your question, which implies mutual affection.  Loving someone isn't the same as being in love WITH someone.  You want to know how to tell is someone loves you. I'm curious to know if you believe you love HIM.  How do YOU know? 

    You sound as if you need verbal reinforcement from him,

    that he has these feelings for you. Men are more action

    oriented than verbal, in general. They don't sit around 

    talking about their feelings for you, they just make an

    effort with how they treat you.

    It's a two way street though, you get what you give in life,

    that's what karma is all about.



    best answer, my opinion. Like John Lennon said, " the love you get is the love you give " Someone please tell me if I misquoted him, but it was something like that.

    hi mcm: A lot of people have never heard that quote. It comes at the end of the album and then there’s a long, long pause before the music starts up again. I believe it’s “...and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

    You just know. 

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