I need help with volume?

    I was going to cook food for a deep religious family, and I don't want to embarrass them and buy the wrong food. So I bought white wine for cooking you know? And it didn't say any volume at all. I was very suspicious so I saw the back of the bottle. And I saw it had 1,2 weight percent  what does that mean. Does it mean it has alcohol. What's 1,2 weight percent does that mean it's alcohol!

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    Why stress yourself. Don't tell them about the wine or ask them what their favorite dish is and make that. The alcohol in wine burns off in the cooking. I wouldn't worry about it. 


    'kay thanks!

    Alcohol vaporises (boils) at 75-85C, and water at 100C (at sea Level).  As long as you have raised the temps above 85C you are fine.  All alcohol is gone and what you are left with is water and the yummy flavours from the wine.

    It prob means b/c it's cooking wine, it had a  1.2  content of alchohol in it. They used to call some kinds of beer  3/2 beer.That meant it was watered down for kids who are 18, b/c the legal drinking age was 18 then in ohio. It meant it had  a  3.2 percentage of alchohol in the beer.......which isn't much.

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