what role did youth culture play in the 1950s and 60s?

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    Sounds like a sociology type class.  It would be easy enough for you to research this via the internet.  I was just a kid in the 50's, but that was the time of James Dean, which would be a good place to start. 

    The youth culture of the 60's is probably the subject of theses far and wide.  Google "Haight Ashbury", "hippies", "Woodstock" for a few clues.  Try "The Beatles", Dick Clark...  Check out "The Beach Boys" for the surfer culture. 

    You asked a loaded question! We are the Baby Boomers

    I was also a kid in the 50's, the 60's i was on my way to adulthood.  I can say with reverence that it was a better time than today. maybe because when i was a kid if I did wrong I got the tar slapped outta me, I loved my parents and teachers but I respected them even more, including respect for police and elders.  We have none of this today and people wonder why there's so much violence.

    They trade a slap in the butt as being violent with a bullet to the head saying 'bad upbringing'.  They don't get it because they didn't live it.  

    Peace, Joy, Love were the buzz words. (also what skyeye said) There were men fighting in the Viet Nam war. When they came home, the long-haired hippies bashed them and called them baby killers. They were not the least bit thankful for what the men had done and there was no understanding of what they’d been through. It was terrible. Many of the soldiers suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was a bad time in our history.

    Now, thankfully, we greet our soldiers with cheers and understanding. If we are against any and all wars, we still treat soldiers with respect. It’s not their fault.

    I was a hippie and I guess I still am. Peace, Joy, Love, Music ... That’s the good part. My cousin was a soldier. I understood that part.  Sadly, he never recovered from the past.


    Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

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