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    Richard Mourdock, candidate for the U.S. Senate claimed that raped women should be forced to carry their rapist's baby to term because their pregnancy — a result of rape — is a "gift from God." 

    Mourdock's exact words — in the debate with his Democratic opponent — were:

    I struggled with myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen.

    If anyone believes this, then this belief has to come from a selfish mind that does not consider the trauma the female suffers let alone the horrific knowledge that the child has to face at some point in their life that they were the result of a heinous act of violence. To blame this on God is ridiculous and to me shows he has not one iota of knowledge of who or what God is. 

    Why do we keep letting idiots like this into office?

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    Mourdock just axed his own carrier, I wonder who he did that for. I don’t think he is simply stupid to cut and run from his state of Indiana job as State Treasurer….all the inside deals of Indiana governance crossed his desk and something got under his skin enough to hack his way out of an ongoing political carrier aiming toward the Senate.   

    Of course it is a carrier ending comment…so maybe he is accepting his gift from God( the state of Indiana treasury) to accept his a fall into his own economic bliss, ending his involvement in the game.

    I agree that he killed his career with such a remark, and agree that he is an idiot!!   Wonder if he has any daughters, and if it was they who were raped, if it would still be God's will? 


    I checked wiki-pedi. It does not list that he has children. Just a wife. One would think that if he's so into life, then he should have at least adopted some children.

    Probably a good thing that he didn't, he would have just infused them with his ideals, such as they are. Matter of fact, they would even come close to ideals, when you think of it!

    Is he just "Released from the "State mental Institute" ,hope he occidentally sits on his finger or someone`s "Big toe to feel the partly, excruciating "Pain of "Rape ! Then again he may like it "Sighing what's all the "Fuss about !!!  He should be kicked out of "Office. 

    He is an insensitive idiot. However his friend McCain is once again endorsing him for the Senate! OUTRAGEOUS!


    You mean McVain? He's the reason I voted for Obama. Yup, I admit it, I helped put an inept president in office because I hated McVain.

    Mourdock is an A$$..and unfeeling and uncaring A$$.  He shouldn't be allowed to run after saying such a thing!

    Not a smart man at all. How did he get to where he is now? I thought politicians had some brains......

    That sounds like a stupid remark for any politician to make anywhere.

    OMG, Mourdock must hate and disrespect  women and the men who love them. He must have no feeling for the children who would be born from a rape.  The child doesn't even have a chance in life and sadly I can't see a mother bond with a child conceived from rape.

    A true blue MORON...I'm with dowsa on this one...a good boot@%!#&*? is definitely in order for this doofus a-goofus...(pardon my french!)

    A rape is a crime, isn't it? If it's not even legal then why is he forcing women to carry a baby that came out of a crime?

    do you remember beafraidofme192


    No, not at all.

    Have you floated off long island sound yet? You were suspended Apr 13, 2011. Are you looking to be suspended again?

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