So when is JESUS coming back?

    Does anyone in the bible have a SURNAME

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    like a theif in the night ,only the father knows the exact time
    SKEMS a theif..

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    Only God knows ! But I believe soon.


    They've been saying this since my grandmother was a little girl and my own mother. No one knows the day or time but they all suspect it......

    sur names originated when they denoted where you lived, or what you did for a living- - - or who your father was.

    example.......Jesus's earthly name was Jesus of Nazareth.  So, his sur name was Nazareth. Another example is- - - -- John the Baptist. So, his sur name would be Baptist.



    He said He would die and then rise again. It was true. He also said He was going to be with the Father and will come back again. This will also come true. This will happen only when the Father has planned.


    We all will rise again. It's called reincarnation. Jesus is still waiting to reincarnate and continue on with his life times. He's stuck as long as there are believers. Poor old soul.

    i think he will just be in hevan right now i cant renember

    More importantly, are you ready for Him to return? Depending on your faith, that's a big question.  

    Jesus, will be back at Christmas.

    He's not. The Christ consciousness will return to the earth. The Christ consciousness  is the essence of God, something all Souls contain a bit of. Certain Souls contain more of this Consciousness than others and they are entrusted with messages for the masses. Jesus was one of those Souls as was Gandhi and Buddha along with others over the course of this earth's history. The Christ Consciousness is this highest level of awakening that man can have. There will be a new Soul who will be born with this Consciousness and will bring a message from God but it will not be Jesus. He has other things to do. His job as a messenger was completed when he died his earthy death. 


    New soul to be born, hope you are not talking about TB Joshua

    I'm talking about a Soul who will accept the challenge of becoming the new messenger for the world. I do not know who that will be.

    TB Joshua is not a prophet. He is not connected to the Consciousness at all.

    I don't know exactly when, but you can always keep an eye on the bus station so that he doesn't slip by!

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