Q : For cat owners : Does your cat talk ?

    My white cat, Molly, mimics some of my words quite clearly. My orange cat, Tigger doesn't say much, but when he does, there's no mistaking it. He says " NO"  quite unmistakeably . My friends and their kids either think I'm crazy, or they scornfully say , " Cats Can't Talk ! ''

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    Neil Diamonds "Rainbow" CD.Also in the "In my Lifetime" collection I think.Check it out.He does it well.

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    In the morning I get up and sit in my chair for coffee. The sun streams in like butterscotch and sticks to all my senses. When I lean back, my soft, silky cat named Peeve jumps on me very softly and touches my face with her paw. She speaks. Yes, she does. Anyone who loves cats knows that they speak. : ))  Have a good day MCM. : )      Meyou...


    Cute. Are you taking a creative writing course, itsmee? I live in a University town. Creative writing classes are brutal and exciting at exactly the same time! Meeow and have a glorious day. :)


    that's sweet, itsmee.

    I took a creative writing class for a couple of years. I have never laughed so hard in my life.
    I had a column in the newspaper and other public writing. That was so very scary. On Saturday when my column came out I left town and stayed in a hotel.
    Both my parents and my brother were writers. I didn't have a chance!
    "brutal and exciting at exactly the same time" Fishlet, you've been there.

    "Chelsea Morning".Neil Diamond.Good lyrics.

    "Won’t you stay?
    I’ll put on the day.
    And live in present tenses.” ~ Joni Mitchell

    Good saying, Tommyh
    One of my grandaughters is named Chelsea for that incredibly beautiful song with lyrics to match. : )

    This could go on & on Itsmee ...but I won't.
    Nice song,nice name.
    I think I'll go find that Neil Diamond CD & play it now.:)

    Peanut doesn't make sounds that resemble words, but there are different tones in her meows that somehow indicate what she seems to want (food, her box cleaned, be held, the dog to go to hell, etc.). 


    Who takes care of Peanut and the dogs when you go out of town? I know you do some "traveling" -- Just curious. Miss you.

    Hi, itsmee. They stay outside; Peanut has a feeder and water dish that can keep her going for the better part of a month. Dieszal is fed by my BFF if I am out of town. Mom and I will hit Fresno otherwise, on our way to shop or dinner or whatever.
    Miss being here! Are you going to the fair?

    Chronic pain keeps me from the fair. : )

    Sorry to hear that. :(

    It's been difficult. Thanks Bob/PKB.

    I swear, I SWEAR! My cat told me "you're welcomed" when I thanked him for giving me a kiss.......


    I had a friend many moons ago who had 4 Siamese cats. They spoke the English language. Creepy. The leader was the genius mind.

    I'm sure he did,jh, b/c one of my cats has been known to say ," Grandma, mom, out, no, food ,water

    see ?!...all you doubters? Even Jh says some cats talk !

    If jh says it, it has got to be true. ; )

    Thanks guys........jhh

    Cute!..That`s one polite cat!:-)

    My cat told me that she wants to be either a Vampire, Sasquatch or a Cabbage Patch Kid for Halloween. 

    She is fluent in seven languages including  Ancient Egyptian‎ and Archaic Japanese‎. 

    Lilo Maya Maya can also communicate telepathically with my three year old son.  It's a beautiful thing.




    country bumpkin

    Tee hee hee, I get it!

    And, Sasquatch is spelled with an 'a'.

    Lilo Maya Maya and your three year old son are a lovely picture. My cat, Peeve, hides under the bed when my grand daughters come. I got the dang cat for them. She costs $60.00 a month ... and whoops there she goes running low across the floor heading for under the bed.

    :-)...And who says cats aren`t intelligent!!:-??!

    Millie: I swallowed my gum over what you said : O <gasp>

    "" My Cats talk all the time I am their personel slave 24/7 but I wouldnt have it ant other way love them to bits PAWS FOR EVER xxx


    How cute! He looks so content.

    thanks Ann how are you hope you are keeping well! xxx

    Hi Mel. I am fine, but somewhat busy right now with outdoors. I hope you are well. Thanks for asking.

    Mel, coulld it be that you know a genius of Photoshop?
    That is without any doubt the sweetest cat face I have ever seen. At one time I had eight cats. Two feral mother cats adopted my parents and both had four kits at about the same time. I was very young when this happened and I thought one was the mother cat and the other, the dad cat. I lived far out in the mountains so it didn’t cause problems with the neighbors. The kittens were all adopted out (or so seven year old me was told)

    Ann I was in the garding all last week thank god the weather was great not like today its really windy and rainy I manage to do 3/4 of the garden so Iam now waiting for anothe nice day at least I got all my bulbs in for next year! hope you have had good days in the outside xxx

    itsmee thanks for the comment and about your ferral cats ah bless them as for the photoshop it was of the internet I just loved the pic of the cats face sooo content xxx

    Mel. I am still busy outside. Lots of leaves and pine needles to clean up. There is always plenty to do outside before the winter sets in. I am not complaining. I love beeing outdoors.

    Ann I am glad that you are in top of the gardning its hard work but I love it wish I could finnish of but more rain and more rain ha lol xxx

    Not in so many words, however if some things not quite up to his high standard I am very likely to find him swinging on my bedroom drapes, he stops when the issue is resolved  


    Very cute!!

    I had a cat named Benjamin that used to do that. He was a stray, but was so intelligent and unique.

    In their own way, I suppose they do establish their own form of language, probably including mimicing people to a degree. Every now and then you find cats that are smart enough to communicate in one way or another.


    yes, one of my cats leads me downstairs to the litter box if it's too messy. She wants it cleaned ! and now !

    Yes, he talks all the time. When he wants to go out and when he wants to come in and when he is hungry.

    mycatsmom.....So seriously, you believe that your cat can talk?  Okay then.     :((


    Ducky ... Hmmmmm .... Is that a double frown? You don't believe? Okay then. : )

    Sam telling me,'Get lost i'm trying to sleep!'""


    So cute. He looks happy and content.

    Sam is a most handsome cat!

    he is lovely I love inger cats they are soooo afectionate xxx

    G'day Mel, Tell me Mel, do you know whether ginger cats purr, when contented?

    Bullitman my ginger cat Harvey purrs all the time and I know quite a few ginger cats and have all purred xxx
    For those of you who know little or nothing about the language of cats here is a brief summary. 

    Tail straight up with a curl at the end: Happy

    Tail twitching: Excited or anxious

    Tail vibrating: Very excited and happy to see you

    Tail fur sticks straight up while the tail curls in the shape of an N: Extreme aggression

    Tail fur sticks straight up but the tail is held low: Aggressive or frightened

    Tail held low and tucked under the rear: Frightened Dilated

    pupils: Very playful or excited; it can also mean aggression

    Slowly blinking eyes: Affection, indicating the cat is comfortable with whoever might be around her

    Lifting the nose and tilting the head back slightly: "I acknowledge you." Cats sitting in windows may greet you in this manner as you walk by

    Rubbing against you means she is marking you as her own

    Wet nose "kiss": An affectionate gesture when the cat taps her wet nose to you

    Ears back: Fear, anxiety, or in a very playful mood; also used when sniffing something they want to know more about

    Tongue flicks out slightly and licks lower lip: Worried, apprehensive

    Rubbing head, flank and tail against a person or animal: Greeting ritual

    Head-butting: Friendliness, affection

    Face sniffing: Confirming identity

    Clawing: A cat will drive her claws in and out of you as a sign of happiness or playfulness; either way your cat knows and loves you

    Licks you: The ultimate sign of trust. Your cat may consider you to be a part of her family, like a mother cleaning her kittens. It might just be that you have something tasty in your hand though.


    My cat always licks me, I figured it was for the salt. I'm glad it's something good, thanks, I needed that.....

    WB., Good explanation of theire behavior. It is absolutely true.

    This will be affixed to my refrigerator, thanks west-bus

    I just bookmarked it so I can keep it until I have a printer....

    west-bus brilliant and sooooo right thanks for sharing harvey had a major opp three weeks ago his water works again he had part of his penis cut off as it got too thick for him to pee out off he now a lady boy Ha ha it was touch and go for a few weeks but he is now fine off the morphine and his lampshade is off he doing great keep fingers crossed as this was the last chance he has they cannot do anymore hope your moggie is fine xxx

    Mel, I am so sorry to hear about harvey. He is one lucky cat to have a mom like you. God bless you.

    Ann thank you for the comment on Harvey as Iv said he is on the mend but it was so stressful for me and hubby and not forgetting Harvey I was glad when the 14 days were up as we had to lock him up @ night due his collar and one eye! bless him he sure has been through it not forgetting the vet bill wow that was some bill but it was his last chance & I am glad we made that deciesion xxxx

    "Who is the ex-chairman of China Nikita?"

    Nikita: "Mao!"

    "OK then, what does a cow say....almost?"

    Nikita: "Mao!"

    Yep...I'd say cats can not only talk...they can also do stand-up!!  haha!


    and somersault ... : D

    ...and 360s round the curtains...;D



    Mel, he is absolutely beautiful.

    Ann I think so too thanks for the lovely comment xxx

    Oscar has magnificent eyes!

    He`s Gorgeous!!!:-)

    doolittle I think so too his eyes are to die for paws for ever xxx

    millie 111 yep I think so too he is geogeous thank you paws for ever xxx

    He's charming

    This is silly.  Of course cats can talk.  In fact, they can speak in several different languages.  Cats love to carry on conversations...but will only do so if you pay complete attention to them.  Here are some facts about cats that everyone should know:

    1.  It is impossible to spoil a cat.

    2.  Cats need to be talked to and told how perfectly wonderful they are!  They like to hear this often!  It is best if it is accompanied by a very loving massage. ( this should be done at a minimum of 5 times a day).

    3.  Cats need time for reflection and meditation however, cats do not like to be alone for very long.  In fact, most dogs tolerate time alone better than most cats.  This is an important fact that is overlooked by many people.  Leaving a cat alone "for a day or two" just because they can ration their food and use their litter box is a very unkind thing to do!

    4.  Cats seem to be independent but they need their 'peeps' just as much as a dog does.

    5.  When a cat loves you it is forever!  A well loved cat is one of the best friends you will ever know!


    Everything you said is 100% true, Doo.

    MYy cat can talk,he says ,Me,and Owl,


    He's a comedian-cat too!!! mao

    I haven't got much time for cats but my cattle dog Pippa used to love them.She said they taste like chicken.


    Hi Tommy how are you! hope you are keeping well xxx

    I'm doing OK thanks Mel.My girls get back from their big U.S.A. tour tomorrow night.I pick them up at Brisbane airport at 11PM.(Our time).
    Been missing them for a month.Really looking forward to it.Good to hear rom you.Hope you are well too.

    Tommyh thanks for info on your girls sounds like they would have had fun in the USA yep you still miss them even when they fly the nest I sometimes wish we were more like animals ha ha xxx

    When my cat Larry meows he sounds as if he is saying "hi". Kinda cute really.


    Everyone has to love a cat named Larry. That is far too cute.

    He was the last one left out of a litter of three at the Humane Society. The other two named Moe and Curly were already adopted and only little Larry was left behind. I didn't have the heart to change his name after we adopted him. So Larry it was and Larry he'll stay!


    I didn't know how to get in touch with you with a comment that wasn't about cats. I can't find the name of the person who suggested we exchange our writings and give each other ideas of where we might be able to sell it - a new person.

    I don't know how we're going to do this because we don't have a place where we can exchange e-mails. I think the person who suggested it doesn't quite understand how akaQA works. I have been in a group like this and it's really fun. I sold some pieces as a result of being in the group and having someone else read and "correct" my words and ideas.

    I can tell you love to write and so do I. I had all my  column work ready to send to our local paper a few months ago. The day I was going to send them I chickened out. I didn't like the idea of rejection and I didn't like the idea of acceptance and the work that goes with writing a column. So ... Column writing is NOT for me. Something else ... something else.

    Susan aka itsmee

    I might start out with writing about cats. We both could.



    Thanks for replying,itsmee. My name is not Juliet. It is Juliana. I'm called Julie

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