My son thinks I can fix anything and so far I have been lucky. What to do when the bubble bursts?

    My son gives me things to fix throughout the day.  Most tasks require tape, glue or screwing something back together.  Last Saturday he brought his ride-em fire engine to me.  It no longer sprayed water.  I disassembled the water tank and hose, saw nothing wrong... shook things a few times and re-assembled the entire apparatus.  To my shock and surprise, it works again.  My son was very impressed.

    This task required tools which must have been impressive to a three year old.  I gave him his own screw driver to help.  (Big time three year old fun!)

    I have no idea what I did to fix the truck or what to do if it malfunctions again.

    As he gets older his toys will become more complex.  I am worried.  I think I need to enroll in a few fix-it type classes.  What do you think?

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    Sounds like a good idea Fishlet, or you could always offer to let his dad have a turn at fixing things whilst you take him out to his favourite park or something, he'd think you were sharing.....a good quality, and he'd still have a fun time with you.


    Good call!


    Take some toys here?           :)


    That Dad's fix-it-shop looks organized. I am envious.

    Oh no envy for you! I remember when you posted pics of your BEAUTIFUL shelves filled with pottery. Amazing... :)

    Have no fear Ducky, I am organized... I need to be. It is my husband who isn't.

    Oh now I see what you were saying...THAT Dad's workshop! Ah...

    You say, "oh darn, it's still not working. You help me" and when it doesn't work, you both say "oh, darn"......

    Fess up and tell him that you have been lucky up till now, and that most dads cannot do what you have done so far!  He has been watching closely, and I am sure has picked up some skills, even at that tender age, and will watch more.  You will be surprised what he has learned from you already...  Besides you have been there being his dad, that is so big in this day and age!!  I recently got a framed photo for Father's Day from my grown son.  It was of us doing projects throughout the years, working on his investment house, my house, etc.  And it had a caption which reads... "because you showed me how, thanks dad" .  Your day will come like that too.  Best wishes...


    You are very cute.
    His dad sits and watches me fix things. I think he finds it amusing. Yesterday, I taught my son how to use scissors... His attention has now shifted to cutting paper and sticking his creations on the French doors that lead to the back deck... Tape is cool too. Yep, very cool.

    I agree with lambshank. Let your husband do most of the mechanical fixing. There are plenty of other issues and situations that your son will need you to help mend.

    Oh man, ye of little faith! You will cross that brige when you get there, no need to worry.

    You'll figure it out...and remember some things break and aren't fixable or have to go to the bike doctor or computer doctor to get fixed.  You are an Awesome Mom!!!!!!!  


    Thanks Swami Doo.

    Some things are un-fixable, Fish, i'm sure with your ingenuity when the time comes you will think of something. you give me the impression of a great mum.


    Thanks BM. We have increased our craft time. I think this will help him problem solve... from there he will think outside the box and from there .... Mr. Little Handyman! ................. I hope!

    Just be honest with him. Children understand honesty more than you would think.


    I know. I really like being 'Wonder Mom'. It is awesome. :)

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