How can I clean my teeth when I have no brush and no money to buy one ?

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    Take them out drop in a bowl of water warm of course borrow some bleach from your neighbour ! If its your natural  teeth Hmm just let them rot they will fall out "Hey presto no teeth brushing again !


    Hey...that's the Best Answer! Why didn't I think of that? :)

    "BECAUSE . Your a "Duck I am a Brain HEE "OH I think !

    Try a nice vinegar mouthwash,can you afford vinegar?


    I need the vinegar for my fish & chips.

    Scrape a couple of the chips on your teeth and tongue then.

    When you're out for a walk, keep your eyes on the ground. Sometimes, you'll see an elastic band or a paper clip.  Grab them before someone else beats you to it. Take them home with you and then place a teaspoon of salt in your mouth. I know you need salt for your food, if ever you can afford some, so just a teaspoon.  Take the paper clip and rub up and down on each tooth.  The salt helps to remove "stuff".  When finished, take the elastic band and use between each tooth. Hang on to your newly-found tools.  You may not go for a walk for a couple of days, and then what would you do?


    I certainly hope that you appreciate all the effort that I put forth in order to help you with your problem!

    A very good answer Ducky but it won't get you Best Answer, sorry! My very first musical instrument was a simple elastic band, it was ok for a beginner but for an ambitious musician its range was rather limited. Have you ever played one ?

    An ambitious musician can make beautiful music from a rock, it's not the tools of music that makes music, its the musician. if you are a professional musician, you already know that.
    My first instrument was mom's pots and pans, if it weren't for my parents appreciating the music i made with pots and pans I would have never become the professional musician I am today. (pianist)
    Ducky deserves 'best answer'.. :)

    @west-bus...played an elastic band?, a comb with waxed paper.
    P.S. I agree with Vinny! Haha

    You are hilarious.  Surely by now you know of the  Web Site.

    Go there.  They send you all the soap, paste and toothbrushes that you need.  ... with directions for proper use!


    Vertippt? Nutzen Sie die Navigationshilfe.
    Thats what I get clicking on your link! Never mind, I'm sure you tried to help me. Thank you.


    Haofy eo fld of ejoejeflsoe jslaeifel. The Aliens always have your back.

    West-bus, you are pulling our leg. You dont live in a third world country.


    Of course not Ann, on paper Germany, financially, is the strongest country in europe but things can change quickly. All these bail-outs to other countries cannot go on indefinitely and somebody must pay. One gets the impression there is no real accord here in Europe and one day the balloon will burst. Sorry to be in a negative mood.
    Enjoy your week-end.

    West-bus, I am truly sorry that I did not take your post seriously.There is the red cross just about in every city and I am sure they will gladly give you what you need. If not, let me know and I will send you some toothbruhes and toothpaste. How did you make out with the sleep clinic? Let us know.
    I know Europe has great problems and Germany has already given Greece a large amount of money. But they need lots more. Greece is a bottomless pit.

    Ann, I phrased my comment to you wrongly. In "Of course not Ann" I was referring to living in a 'third world country'. No, my post belongs in the 'Silly' category. It was just a spontaneous thought.
    I reported to the clinic on monday but somebody there had made a mistake with the date, its now definitely next monday and thats no story. I will let you know more next week in a comment.

    Take a piece of cloth, wet it, dip it in salt

    and scour those pearly whites and gums.

    Take a thread from the cloth and floss! lol


    Good answer, dar. Just to add to your comment, in the olden days in Asia, people would use ashes in lieu of salt as they have a little of abrasion to scrub off the plaque.

    That's cool, Chiang.

    Wonder how people ever figured out to use them in the first place?

    Toothache is a great motivator?

    or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

    Tooth brushes are cheap. Do you have any baking soda? Wash your hands (can you afford the soap?) and use your finger. Use that thread you have laying around for dental floss............


    For my hands I have been using Domestos bleach diluted with a small quantity of water, maybe I can use it as a mouthwash too.

    Great work Jh, many congratulations, I just spotted it. Amazing!!!

    Thank you again, @west-bus. You are soooo sweet!

    Congratulations Julie - well done you and as I always say such a lot of work.

    Trade your computer for a toothbrush!


    I need the computer to talk with you guys but thanks for trying to help me.

    ""An Apple a day, keeps the Dentist away.


    pyth, I was gonna say, that they taught us in nursing school, that eating an apple will clean the teeth.

    Yes...That is why i recommended an apple.

    That's if you can bite it - my front tooth is hanging on by luck and it's not even mine - once fell out in the store and my friend and I were searching for this lost tooth.

    Go to the Salvation Army for an emergency'll get power bars and KD and a toothbrush and paste and soap too and maybe some socks....OR mix sea salt with ashes of eggplant and brush teeth using your fingers to rub that disgusting mixture on your teeth and find a twig for a toothpick to dig out the greeblees from between yer chicklets and rinse like a crazy and you are good to go!!!    8D


    He might even find a paper clip and an elastic band, while he walks to the Salvation Army? If so, he'll be all set for weeks! :)

    Bwahaha! Yikes...sounds dangerous on those streets Ducky!! He'll never get on a flight with those weapons!!! HaHa! 8D

    Don't forget to grow some peppermint plants.  You could use them after following Dardaigh's advice.  Girls like men with clean breath.   Finally, date women who own multiple toothbrushes and dental floss.  The best time to approach them is when they are coming out of Costco or Sam's Club. 


    Speaking from experience? :)

    Nah, too late. I have lost all my teeth. All gum now for me.

    That's hilarious, Chiang.
    You could write a weekly
    column for the down and out.

    Weekly for the weakly?

    What do other cats do in these circumstances?


    If I knew that I wouldn't be asking here would I ?

    west-bus: Me (don't kn) ow!

    Silly question from what appears like ,a person looking for attention. Well you got mine. lol


    Thank you Dolly for an honest answer. Its sometimes difficult to think up a silly question and I have a lot to learn.

    Don't use vinegar, it is acid, don't use Domestos, it is toxic. Get a twig and chew the end until it frays then brush with salt or baking soda. Toothbrushes are cheap, and expensive ones are no better.

    There IS a twig from a certain kind of tree that is used for cleaning teeth. I can't remember the name of it.  Swish and spit, chew Trident or Dentyne gum. DEFINITELY use dental floss.

    If you really WANT a toothbrush and toothpaste, send me your address and I'll get those to you. 


    Thanks Bob for your generous and serious offer for which I regretfully must refuse. After careful consideration I have decided to take the advice of dowsa, it was too good to ignore.

    Bob is just like that - so very kind Oh west-bus your question just takes the biscuit - hoping again all goes well on Monday.

    What's happening on Monday?

    Hi bob, and Poppy, this morning I had my appointment at the sleep clinic and they asked me the usual questions you have on your initial interview. I report again tonight for my sleep to be monitored and hopefully I will know more tomorrow.

    Bob - west-bus is suffering from sleep apnoea and has a further appointment - hopefully they will give him treatment this time. Never know they might extend to a toothbrush - I think they owe him.

    Great news west-bus - although I thought you already had the sleep monitored - good luck.

    I had not realised that you are German, so I suggest you go to Lidl or Aldi where for €1 you will be able to buy a t/brush and t/paste for the same amount. Can't afford it ? Don't believe it !


    Born and bred in Lancashire. Moved to Germany 1970. I seldom shop at Aldi, not enough product range. For good consistent quality I prefer Kaisers. Are there any in the UK and Ireland ?

    west-bus, never heard of Kaisers, so guess we dont have it here in Ireland. We do have Lidl, and Aldi./ Aldi, have now started to sell quiet a lot of Irish products. It is surprising, how many people with posh cars, shop at both of the stores over past couple of years.

    drop your internet service , and sell your computer. Then, you'll have enough money to buy several brushes and tooth paste.


    But its an iMac, I could never part with that, my wife maybe, but not an iMac.

    They say that second best to using a tooth brush is cleaning your teeth..and gums using your index finger!!(am not sure who "THEY" are...but I learnt that one at school!!:-)..OR brownie guide camp??!!:-0

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