What is the best food my dog can eat to avoid bleeding and diarrea?

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    If your dog has these intestinal issues then you should be consulting a Veteranarian. 


    tinkerbell 14

    very good answer
    tinkerbell 14

    very good answer

    Anything, just keep the bowl away from razor blades, broken glass and nails.

    ... fake fingernails, pencil crayons and dental tools.

    Make sure he drinks only water and dont give him food until you take him to the Vet. It  looks like he might have some kind of infection or obstruction. Good luck.

    If your dog is bleeding and has diarrhea, he may have an obstruction in his digestive tract, maybe a bone fragment.  Do you feed bones?   Does this dog kill anything and eat it?  Do you feed rawhide chews excessively?  Does the dog chew water bottles, plastic toys, etc.  These may be clues which the veterinarian can use to diagnose, of course some of these will show up with the x-rays that they will most likely need.  Get the dog checked out, watch his stool for hints of something he has eaten, maybe he can pass it, some do.  Some Do-Do too!  Good luck... 

    This is not normal! Get him to doctor asap! See all the answers! Doctor time!

    you need to take your dog to the vets to get treatment to put the lining back in its stomack then you can ask them

    My cat had the same problem and my vet 

    had me put him on Royal Canin brand.

    I thought it was only sold at the veterinarian's but

    you can buy it at Pet Smart, here in Canada.

    It worked for him.

    They sell dog food, too.


    You can buy Royal Canin in many pet stores in Canada. The list is very long.

    I've only been to my vets and Pet Smart for cat food, so I had no idea.

    I sold Royal Canin for years alongside all sorts of other brands such as Nutro, Innova, California Natural, Timberwolf Organics, Eagle Hoistic, Go Natural, ... oodles more.

    I should have mentioned in my answer that it was the special formula one, with duck and rice that is for digestive/bowel problems. Can't remember what that one was called.

    Did you change his dogfood abrubtly?



    Changing dog food abruptly would not normally cause bleeding diarrhea. I worked in the pet industry for 30 years, specializing in dog nutrition for the last 10 years... I have sold thousand upon thousands of bags of dog food, raw food, canned food and supplements... bleeding diarrhea is very serious. Even switching to a low quality dog food does not bring this about. A low quality food can cause inflamation if the animal's body does not do well with fillers such as wheat and corn.

    lifes abundance, what are you feeding?

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