What does it mean when you dream of a dead mother-in-law?

    I dreamt that my dead mother-in-law was sitting on a chair in the middle of the bedroom,  she wasn't doing or saying anything, and also my live father inlaw in the other room just looking around

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    It means you dreamed of your dead mother-in-law, nothing more, nothing less............

    Were you really dreaming? Perhaps she was paying you a little visit from the other side? Why her hubby was wandering around is an enigma to me....and she did not seem to have a message for you...or did she? Was her silence the message? Or maybe you were just you got me wondering...

    What kind of mushrooms did you use for supper?


    Aminita muscaria if you must know...or were those the Cubensis we used??? Gads what is that thing in the sky???

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