why do i drink abottle of whisky a night

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    better question still how can you affortd a bottple of whisky a night you obliosly have too much time on your hands nd by now a pickled brain or organ failiure ,if you realy wanted to stop yoiud seek medical advice

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    Because your coping mechanisms are lacking.   This is not entirely your fault. 

    You need to seek professional help.

    Good Luck.


    Coping mechanisms have been taken over by his slurping mechanisms.

    He slurps because he can't cope. The odds are very high that no one taught him as a child.

    You're a drunk and this is what drunks do. Try tapering off. Leave a shot one night, two the next, and so forth until you have the control back and then attend AAs, a great group of people for people like you....

    Call Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and ask the person who answers the telephone, for some information on alcoholism.  They have the ability to answer your questions with both knowledge and compassion as "they have been where you are".  Do it.

    You have a drinking problem. Call AA for help, before it ruins your entire life.

    Because you don't have two I guess.

    Try a cup of tea for a change Sorry my friend you have a problem need help.

    I wish I could drink one shot without running into a wall afterwards. Hats off to ya buddy!  Keep up the good work,  You need professional help, you're an alcoholic, nobody here is going to change your habit, you probably have the bottle next to you as you read this, actually I'm surprised you can even spell with all that alcohol running into your brain. The www is not going to cure you, only you can do that but I do suggest you seek professional help, join the AA and begin admitting you have a problem in which you did here, good first step.

    Good luck!  I hope you make it, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you.

    What motivates you to open the bottle in the first place?  

    Are you married? If so, no explanation required. ""


    Seriously? Man, you have issues.

    So does she! I'd be afraid of her even without the frying pan.

    Do you not like women?

    That woman is posing. She does not appear intimidating to me.

    Fishlet: The pose comes before the strike. As a "fish" you must know that the fisherman, one second is just "posing" with his rod and reel, and the next second, you're caught!

    Clonge, I may look like a little blue fish but I acutally am the reincarnate of the little blue fish that underwent many transformations and now I am an 'all seeing' Alien Fish.
    Scroll back about 150 days... refer to Colleen's murdering of Moi and Ducky's attempt to save my life. (She was severely injured by the way and I noticed that you did not send flowers).
    Because I am now a superior 'fish being'... I pretty much see everything for exactly what it is. No wool et al.

    Clonge...your constant negativity towards women is wearing really thin.

    Dardaigh: The only negativity towards women involves the ones I've married. I love all the women on Q&A!

    Well, we have to read all the negative posts that spill over from your personal life onto this site and it is very tiresome.

    Clonge, Hahahah :-D

    Must you ask?

    ""               My buddy shown here and I used to knock off two of these a night !!!


    Wellcome back man! Oh where have you been?

    Hello facebook my friend, I've been working out of town, back now, missed you guys, thanks for asking.

    Boy men I think your working to much,Anyhow it good too hear from you, hope everything is well,Take care my friend.

    Thank you so much fb, I hope all is well with you also.

    How big a bottle? Is it for medical purposes?  Did a snake bite you? Are you having a tooth pulled?  Are you thirsty?

    I don't think I have had more than 5 bottles of whiskey my entire life.  You must be a heck of a drinker.  How's your bladder?  Liver?


    That's exactly what I was thinking. Wow, how does a person consume that much?

    What's your MacEthnic background ?


    Rude and irrelevant. :(


    I stand by my comment.

    Umbriel, you should go see someone about that massive inferiority complex.

    None of what you just posted makes the least bit of sense but as it is 3:30 a.m. UK time, it doesn't surprise me in the least. Sleep well.

    Tea does not make one drunk.

    Brandy, rum, vodka, etc, etc, etc ...on the other hand....

    All this trans-Atlantic love for a petty MacJoke.

    Mac is Scottish.
    Mc is Irish.

    And good of you to realize it was petty.


    I'm very aware of that. (Mac vs Mc)
    The joke was petty as so was your PC response.

    I realize your motto is 'nothing offends you' but there are other members on this forum, Digs.

    You are probably referring to the fact you realize the difference in the surname prefixes but I'm also hoping you realize some off the cuff comments are just plain bigoted.

    I don't see any one making nasty comments about Italians here for the sake of a perceived joke. Thanks.

    p.s. I see you edited your comment while I was responding.

    Your new reply is very facile. I am done with this discussion.

    Please get help!...You have issues that you have to address may not be an alcoholic as such yet...but you are well on the way...and on a path to destruction!....First stop this no doubt needs medical supervision..yes you are harming your liver..destroying it...potential gastric ulcer and  bleeding internally....Please get help won`t be`s a common problem in society today...and a lot of help is out there for you..but you have to want it!...Very Good Luck!

    You have a death wish.

    no matter the reason, your an alcoholic. seek help. alcoholism kills your nature and your body. not to mention all the other problems that stem from it. if you cant do it for yourself do it for all the peole who love and care for you.remember the ripple effect where you drop a pebble into water and you start seeing all these ripples,each ripple is touching someones life. several lives i should say.i could go on and on, my husband died from alcohol and its effects. it still touching lives.

    maybe a habit or someone or something has hurt you nd your trying to block it out.your now at the point where you are classed as an alcoholic if your drinking a bottle of whisky a night im in noway condeming you ,once alcohol gets a grip on you its very hard to stop its like an illness,you need to get help as soon as you can as your destroying your insides it will be the death of you   ,please seek proffesional advice ,   

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