The anniversary of 9/11 is almost here.

    What do you think about the morons who demean the victims who plunged to their deaths, rather than "trying to escape"? It makes me angry beyond words. The heat was in the quadruple digits, the smoke was suffocating, there were walls of fire. These idiots couldn't last more than 5 seconds putting their hand in front of an open oven at 450 degrees F.! One woman was shown a picture of somebody leaping from the Trade Center, and was asked if that might have been her relative; she replied that "that piece of s*** was not my relative." I hope none of us will ever have to make a split-second decision like that, but I know that if it was me, I would have jumped.

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    "" In memory of those who lost their lives in such tragic circumstances.

    I cant imagine the horror those people felt, that were trapped. and did not know what was happening.. No one, but the poeople  who were trapped , can possible know what went through theire mind. That is why, I dont get involved in you-tube or facebook.  Too many negative people out there.

    My heart goes out to all the people and theire families who lost theire lives.

    I can't believe this is even an issue. How sick can one get? Never having been there, I can only imagine the worse. God Bless those people.............

    A very sad day in the USA! May all the souls who lost their life be blessed forevermore! As for the other comment about jumping?  You do what you have to do! Jumping was a savior from fire.  I hope I NEVER have that choice!  Such a sad anniversary !




    In the end, it makes no difference.  I remember the two people holding hands as they jumped and it is still a very powerful image in my mind.  No one has a right to judge those people who jumped or stayed inside and died- It was the worst of situations for all of them!!!!

    We will NEVER forget!


    You can't blame the ones who jumped. What alternative did they have ?  It might even be a type of " survival  instinct " that we don't even know that we have until we're confronted with something like that.


    I feel for the survivors. And Sept. 11th, would have been my late husband's birthday :-(

    To make a bad comment on people who jumped to get away is very much in poor, nay disgusting taste. They had a choice to get roasted live or to jump. May God rest their souls in eternal peace. 

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