i love her,but i cant know if she loves me,how can i check that?

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    Here are some tell tale signs... (I am not a scientist and so, feel free not to take anything I say seriously)

    1) Does she swoon a little when you are near?

    2) Does she look directly into your eyes when she is speaking to you or you to her ... are her eyes sparkling when this occurs?

    3) Does she put you ahead of all other things in her life including herself?

    4)  Does she appear that she completely adores you?

    5)  Does she compliment you for the teeniest, tinyest things?  ... Almost to the point of ridiculousness...ness....ness?

    6) Does she think you are A- The cutest person on the planet earth? B- The sweetest person on the planet earth? C-The most amazing person on the planet earth? D- The most glorious person on the planet earth? E- Seriously Fantastic Darling?  .... or just plain SICK! (And, I say that in a good way)?

    If one or all of these questions you have answered YES to ... then you can safely say that she is 'Into You'.

    Good Luck.

    Don't worry so much.

    Enjoy!  You are in a good place.


    Fishie, to me that was funny ! Love or into you? What a choice!

    She will tell you. 

    Throw yourself in front of a moving car and lets see how she reacts....(just kidding, don't do that..........)


    That's pretty funny!!!!

    LOL!!! Great test!


    Some people have a serious problem saying"I Love you"  They assume you should know! Does it appear she does?

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