how do you live after someone you love dies

    i got thru it wen my mum died it took ages i just wandered how others do it

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    "Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death."



    i feel 4 you 4 me loseing my mam...was the most heart rending moment of my life,the pain was still very raw up untill about 4 years ago'wen i joined a spiritual group nd begun to find ansas to all the questions about dying nd wot happens after,theres a couple of sights on fb to do with lifeafter death if you want to k more about them just ask,(ur sister does here you )

    i dont want to sound stupid but im very intrested to know more about buddhist ,i love the buddhist statues but dont know much else

    Some have found it helpful to attend a support group where others are also grieving.  Those are the people who may be better able to understand exactly how you are feeling at any given time.

    I have lost my parents some yrs back, at different times,I loved them dearly, they were my best friends also. I  have lost close friends, I find prayers, trust, and time, heals, but in your heart you will never forget them. I have been told, that if you think about the person often  that has passed , it means their soul is not at peace, and they need prayers. I am soon to loose another friend, due to cancer. This will be a second friend, in a year.

    Faith in God. I think most of us have lost a parent or both. It is very painful. I have read somewhere a long time ago, That "If you are afraid of death, you are afraid of life, When you are no longer afraid of death, you are longer afraid of life.

    The love that you had for your mom, will always bind you together, even though she has moved on.  One day at a time.


    How long does a person live? Unfortunately, you keep on living and learn to deal with the loss. It takes time and understanding that you are no less of a person by surviving...........

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