Am I a completely tasteless person drinking red wine with my hamburger and fries supper?

    I'm loving my new place. Wine with dinner, even with Coney Islands.....

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    Wine with a 'Burger & chips?...Very classy! As long as you arrange the silverware properly it doesn't matter what you drink with that supper.LOL


    Here's a nice snack for tonight jh.       :)


    Funny, but that's about the only snack that doesn't work for me with wine. ...and I'm easy!

    It doesn't? You are?

    If you invite me to have dinner with you, I'll be just as happy to keep the same menu you have.  Like Tommyh says, call them chips if you must to make the fries sound more exciting.  I hope you like white wine as well. 


    There is nothing wrong with that. Enjoy!

    Eat, Drink, and be Merry!!!! and I'm happy you love your new home!!!! Yeah !!!!!

    Why not?

    Tasteless? Are you kidding me? Cheers !

    Wine is the most civilized thing in the world. - Ernest Hemingway

    Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance. - Benjamin Franklin




    The Romans said, " In Vino , Veritas " ---in wine , there is truth. Sorry if I mispelled it.

    Spelling impeccable.

    Congrats, and good luck in you new home. Eat and drink what ever you enjoy, I do.


    Root Beer makes us cheer!

    Thank you @Dollybird, it's growing on me. I get to cook!

    Red wine with burgers and fries. 
    White wine with fish and chips.  

    What else do you have with Burger and Chips, a chilled bottle of red or white  wine, the only way to go.


    i think a a glass of magners cider would go much better

    Beer is good too! Coney Island hot dogs? Yumbo!

    I know your "favourite song  "Little `ole wine drinker me "

    We call them "New York System Hot Weiners", here in RI.  Since they are made of red meat (of sorts) red wine would be appropriate!  Best wishes for your new home, regards!   (that is the local name for our hot dogs, didn't someone say hot dogs, or did you refer to the hamburgers as "Coney Islands"?)

    red wine goes with beef, so  you're safe. White wine goes with fish and other seafood. What's most important is to eat A LOT of veggies, b/c they help prevent cancer and are good for other ailments, like    ^ choles, ^ B/P and ^  B/S .  Red wine is good for that, too  :-)


    jh- - -I didn't know you moved. God bless your new abode. Did you take your house-mate with you ?

    No your not tasteless,,,,but milk would proble go better with your meal.


    Milk runs up my blood sugar.....

    How about low fat milk jhharlan.

    You mean "Whats The Point Milk"....?

    I am lactose intollerant.

    milk with less or no fat.

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