SAD NEWS...Headless Man Suffocates

    Hey Man. You will now have to answer with your heart and not your head. That will be good LOL

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    Poor man. He tried to post his head to me to fix. He packed it in a plastic bag and he could not breath. Is this the end to AKA as we know it.

    Hello you - if you really looked like your picture - I would definately be your friend - you look so laid back and cool.

    Thanks Poppy3. I am so cool ice cream wont melt in my mouth. A room cools down when I enter.

    I guess you have the chemistry to go with those looks!!!!

    Chemistry or chemical?

    I just wanted to pop in to say hello, Friendindeed.
    Nice to finally meet you! :)

    Chiangmai - you are so right - but it was a sort of dubla entendre - I know wrong spelling.

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    I thought someone had guided him to "Lost and Found".  Dang!  Now, he will have to go shopping for a new one. 

    I wonder which model he will choose.


    "OH one comes to mind R. James

    Randy took a large risk packing his head up and sending it off.
    Sad and true... Le' Boo Hoo.
    ... No tears for R.James ... just a couple of frying pans with his name on them!

    Did  you do this? I shall miss him.............

    perhaps he should have quited while he was a head..I'm sure he won't be speechless..


    An A for creativity, Daren. :)

    ROFL!!! It's good to hear from you friendindeed!

    If this is a joke, I'm not getting it. Explain.


    Headless man (Randy) made a picture of his head in a shipping crate. He then posted that he was sending his head to friendindeed to fix it. Friendindeed then posted this saying he sent it back because it had perished due to Randy wrapping it in plastic. I opened the postal service complete with returned picture for Randy to pick up. I do agree however that FID could have titled this thread differently. It is a shock to see if one does not know the joke started by Randy himself.

    I did not get it either, Ed, until Colleen explained it.

    If he is headless, unlike roaches that breathe through the body, how does he suffocate?

    It Colleen falt she went and mail his head at the wrong address, Now you'll need too go at the lost & found, wherever that is?

    Tragic though this is, life goes on and, with the passing of time, we will get over it.

    Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us.  Amen.


    So now I totally understand Colleen's question !

    I'm still here.........HA HA HA HA


    Yes you are and your head is still in your hands!
    Headless Man

    friendindeed gave me mouth to mouth, was really

    You poor Man! I feel your pain ... :D

    If I gave him Mouth to mouth I would still be brushing my teeth. Probibly I have kissed worse in the past.

    Ahhhhhh. You guys. I can feel the love from here! :D

    Fishlet...I am sure you know just looking at me I am a great kisser. There are those who simply pretend to die just to get me to give the kiss of life. When I look in the mirror I can see why. Ha

    Swoooooon ... Thud. I have fainted again Friendindeed. The very thought of you being a good kisser on top of those incredibly good looks is too much for this little fish to handle. :)
    Headless Man

    I think he blew down my air hole, no lip to lip, thank GOD

    Now, you are a whale? A vegetarian whale, I hope.

    Did I look into your eyes as I was doing it
    Headless Man

    No comment.......
    Headless Man

    Fishlet if he blew into my mouth, I would have a wet hand.....

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