which president has spent the most money on vacations

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    George Bush.

    Those who criticize the cost of Obama’s Christmas vacation don’t want you to know that George W. Bush spent at least $20 million taxpayer dollars just on flights to his ranch in Crawford.

    The right wing has been outraged at the four million dollar plus price tag for Obama’s family Christmas vacation, and they constantly hold George W. Bush up as an example of how thrifty a president should be when going on vacation.

    The problem is that W. wasn’t thrifty. He was the most expensive vacation president in US history. Not only did Bush spend more days on vacation than any other president, but he used Air Force One more often while on vacation than any other president.

    During Bush’s two terms, the cost of operating Air Force One ranged from $56,800 to $68,000 an hour. Bush used Air Force One 77 times to go to his ranch in Crawford, TX. Using the low end cost of $56,800, Media Matters calculated that each trip to Crawford cost taxpayers $259,687 each time, and $20 million total for Bush’s ranch flights.


    George had 8 years. Obama only 4 so far. Obama spent more in his first 4 years than George did. This is also a year old. It does not account for an added year of Obama and family's vacations.

    However, because of inflation the next three Presidents could easily top that just by camping with the kids.
    George Bush was also in office for eight years and Obama has not finished his first term yet.

    Did you read the comments under this article you took this copy from? The people were debunking it and putting in the proper math. They claim this article is poorly researched.

    Personally, I wish you guys would actually have candidates running for office that are not there because they have more money than the next guy. I have no faith in one single thing I read involving American politics... quit dragging the rest of us into war. Standing beside America is becoming a threadbare quilt. Old, faded and something we would like to donate to charity.

    I've not backed any war we've been in. I'm not dragging you into these wars. Your government is. They can say no.

    Actually we have. Many Canadians have died becuase Canada stands on the side of the United States of America... we are your Ally. Don't beat us up.
    When the American public vote a president into power that does not favour Canada, Canadians suffer and yet, we still stand beside you in war.
    You must also remember that every large power rises and falls.
    That is fact not fiction.
    Your government gave up it's manufacturing power to those across a great big pond. Time is 'A Changin' and you shop at Walmart. Where is your coffee maker made?

    So now you will beat me up over Walmart? It's what I can afford. See ya.

    Where exactly did I beat up Canada in this? Seems to me, it's the Canadians beating up the USA. Digger, Sawali and now apparently you. All I did was let you know, this article is not fact based.

    American politics look very different in Canada due to our media coverage. Our government would like us to like you. Bing, Bang, Boom! Because of this Obama doesn't look all that bad. Your voting system isn't something I have any faith is at all and there does not seem to be one single thing any American can do about it except complain bitterly.
    I am leaving the last word to you because I don't feel like arguing today. It is bad for my creativity.

    I'm done arguing with people who do not have to live under his dictatorship. Canada has the right to say no to involvement of any war the USA gets into. Just know, if it should ever happen that Canada gets attacked for whatever reason, the USA will be there to help defend the country and its people. Even though "Standing beside America is becoming a threadbare quilt. Old, faded and something we would like to donate to charity."

    Yes,Bush traveled to his ranch.But staying at his ranch was free. Obama has gone on many non state trips with his family, and the lodgings weren't free.

    I find this question difficult to answer because of inflation. It's the same as saying some movie is the top grossing of all time.  If it cost a dime to go to a movie 60 years ago and $10 today, there is an obvious discrepancy and the "value" of the movie should be based not on dollars, but patronage.
    Same with presidential vacations.  Put them in some sort of time warp economy and calculate from there.
    I'm sure each successive president will spend more than the next.  I'm not a fan of Obama at all, and I don't think he's done one positive thing for the USA, but that is just my opinion. I have been disappointed for years by our leadership on all levels. 
    I agree with Fishlet about money buying positions. 
    And I believe everyone's vacations should be on their OWN dime. 

    My former boss, an elected county official, received a beautiful calendar from one of our state senators.  I was wondering WHO paid for the publication of those calendars and why I didn't get one, too.

    Obama and it only took him 3 years to beat what Bush cost the tax payers in 8 years. 


    what is the source of your info?

    Why? Are you a fan of Obama even though he's not the leader of your nation?

    He is a PRESIDENT that saved USA from sinking. Stay with the truth, Colleen.

    HA! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! You do not live here. Stop reading democratic propaganda! HE SUNK THE USA! It was because of him and the fact he never created a balanced budget that got the USA's credit rating lowered! HE is the first president in the history of the USA who has not created a balanced budget! This is a mandate of the US Constitution that he continues to IGNORE! HE HAS NOT managed to get the unemployment rate under 8% his entire presidency! HE HAS devalued our dollar even more by ordering the printing of even more worthless paper money that has NOTHING backing it! HE ADDED 6 trillion dollars to our national debt! HE DID NOT bring the troops home as promised, he instead sent more over! HE ADDED to the debt by having to pay overseas pay to the added troops HE sent over. HE has created laws that go against the US Constitution! The US Constitution governs the government, this includes the president! HE is a traitor according to the rules of the US Constitution because HE IMPOSED his OWN laws on the citizens of the USA! A republican majority in the senate would have had him impeached already. The only thing that has saved this bogus president in the fact the democrats rule the senate. You up there in Canada know NOTHING of the truth! Stay out of my politics, focus on your own!

    Colleen, I am sorry but you only judge people by "what have you done for me lately" Obama inherited a mess that can only happen in a life time. This financial tsunami was averted by Obama. Don't take my word for it just check what he inherited and then we can discuss. Be fair in your assessment.

    I'm sorry but you are judging me when you do not know me or what this country needs from a president. I want a president who does something for the people of my country, not just for me. You have one set way of seeing me and that is your burden to bear. I will not carry it for you. You know nothing about who I am. You base everything about me according to my job on akaQA. I do a job here. It is not who I am in my real life. Do not judge me based on your own prejudices. I will discuss NOTHING with you about my country's politics. Your voice has no bearings on my country. You live in Canada. Concentrate on your own politics and stop listening to the Dems propaganda. Obama inherited a 10 trillion dollar debt that he increased to 16 trillion in just 3 years time. The economy in the USA is sinking. Prices are once again sky rocketing and people are going broke. When the people run out of money, so too will the government. He averted nothing. He sunk us! That's the real side that the Dems try to keep hidden with their propaganda. Get out of my politics.

    Based on total federal outlays reported by the White House, George W. Bush’s presidency had the largest spending with $19.1 trillion over 8 years.

    Through 3 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the federal government has spent $10.6 trillion. Projections for 2012 show that government spending for Obama’s full term in office will reach $14.4 trillion.

    If Obama is elected for a second term, estimates project that he would have $30.4 trillion in spending over both terms.

    Read more

    He has still outspent Bush in his 4 years and will outspend him in 8 years if given 4 more years. He has no concern for the national debt. We pay for his wife and kids to go on vacation also. Those costs are not even factored into this.

    Colleen you never answered the question about the source of info on the original question.

    No I don't judge you. I am only pointing to your lack of knowledge on what G. Bush left for Obama. Yes he had to spend the trillions toSAVE USA not anything bigger than that. He tried giving the American Universal HealthCare but got tough time doing so. And you say what he did for your people? Do a comparison of the two presidents objectively. This is not personal Colleen.

    Again you judge me. I do not have a lack of knowledge of what Bush left. I know what he left. He left behind a shovel for Obama to either fill in the hole he started digging or dig it deeper. Obama chose to jump in and dig further instead of filling in the hole. He hasn't even kicked a smidgen of dirt back into that hole.

    He did not give the US people universal health care. It is NOT heath care. It's a TAX and a dictated piece of legislation that forces Americans to buy it or get fined for not buying it. It's a money maker so Obama can spend more money. That's all it is. He had no business playing dictator. That tax bill will continue to be fought until it is removed!

    What has Obama done for the people of the USA?

    Let me show you...........

    • 23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are underemployed
    • $16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American)
    • 43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment
    • 4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row -- more than any other president combined

    You do not live here. You are not suffering under Obama's failed economic recovery. Something that still does not exist. You know nothing other than what your media reports to you. They know only what our media feeds them. I do not listen to our media because it lies and white washes and supports a lame duck president. Stay out of the USA politics. Obama does not concern you or your livelihood. Stick to your own politics. You don't see me sticking my nose in your country telling you who to support, do you? Go away and worry about your own politics. Stay out of mine. You know nothing.

    I gave you an even better link, though I really didn't need to. You're Canadian. Neither Bush nor Obama concern you. The only time Obama needs to concern you is if he says we are going to war against Canada for having nosy citizens who stick their nose into USA politics and parrot democratic propaganda. I do not see that happening so still, Obama does not concern you.

    You making this statement "you only judge people by "what have you done for me lately" is judging me. I am a giver, not a taker and you still know nothing!

    I liked the Obama family well enough, I suppose. But then Michelle started all this business of wanting to be a movie star. When the Academy Awards were given, Michelle in her glitter gown gave the prize. It seems she wants to hang with the stars. Jennifer Aniston ... oh, others. I've heard she wants to move to a multi million dollar house on the coast - in the land of stars. Ugh. She plays the role of a health-crazed mama. She dances and and exercises and  gives her ideas on the talk shows ... all of them. She seems to overshadow her husband. How can he do his job and put up with her antics? 

    How is Obama Care going? I know our medicines cost a lot more. Maybe that's just inflation.


    The full impact of Obamacare will not be in effect until 2014. Then you will see the cost of insurance skyrocket. EVERYONE is reporting on this. No one will be able to afford his affordable health care. Obama and family are getting set to take a 10 million dollar vacation to Africa. The tax payers are picking up that tab too. Can you afford even a $1000.00 vacation?

    If the talk shows didn't invite her, she wouldn't be there. Hollywood perpetuates the problem by bringing cretins like MO into their exclusive fold and letting them hand out self-serving awards. OUR problem is WATCHING and SUPPORTING stuff like that.
    Here's an update on ObamaCare: My mom and I just bought an inexpensive condo in Fresno. In signing the documents, one of them specifically states that, should the condo be sold, we agree to GIVE 3-3 1/2% of the sales price to the government for healthcare. SERIOUSLY.

    P, I don’t keep up with the news. I am shocked by Colleen & Bob’s comments. Terrible.
    I can’t afford a vacation. We can’t even afford to go to the movies! (Well, maybe once a month ... no more)
    MO, Ugh.

    In the grand scheme of things, vacation expenses are trivial. What's NOT so trivial is electing a dimwit to lead the country. I have nothing against mental midgets per se, but when they are put into positions that they are not qualified for, by people with vested interests that are best served by a gopher, it becomes very problematic. 

    W.Bush's 8 years were a disaster. History will only make the poor sap look more cloddish than most people think he is today.

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