How do you find your eyeglasses, when you need glasses to see everything?

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    yeah, how about determining which is the Shampoo, and which is the Conditioner in the shower?

    Thanks Fish for all of your suggestions, but I am mostly bald, and it is once around the block with the facecloth mostly. Just wondering what others do...

    Of course there are those chains which can be attached to them eithe in ropey stuff or pretty chain.

    Fishlet - I so understand - especially these ones will do. We all have different eyes and see things differently whichever way we look and thank goodness for glasses.

    I always put them down in the same spot then use my hands as Colleen wrote. I keep my shampoo and conditioner in different spots. What's real sad is when they get knocked off of my face and I have to find them then...........


    then of course, we cannot see the fallen soap, and whoa!

    Just wanted to say - such a funny question - how I laughed - thought it was only me - it is not only to do with sight it is the memory that can be a problem. For cooking instructions etc. glasses and magnifying glass. Oh dear - I must go to the opticians haven't been for over six years. Just so funny this reading your comments.


    that's what we are here for Poppy, to entertain, and enlighten you. Mostly entertain!

    Touch. Your hands still work. Feel around. Start with the top of your head. 


    Nope, that's not where I hide them, I am bald, and they cannot get a grip there!

    Hey I have done that.I accused my wife of walkijg off with them & all the while They were sitting up there.Embarrassment!! :(

    1st- make sure you aren't wearing them

    2nd- check the usual places: bedside table, coffee table, refrigerator, and oven

    3rd- check the dog bed, gerbil cage, and the horse feed

    No luck???  Hmmmm....I usually find mine in one of those places

    Keep them around your neck with a cord especially designed for glasses.Mark your shampoo bottle with a big S and a C for the conditioner, use a permanent marker pen.

    The Good Lord designed humans with ears and noses specifically to be used to support spectacles. If you need them to see anything, surely you wear them all the time you are awake so you only need to find them once a day when you awake

    Buy Shampoo & conditioner in different coloured bottles & memorise them.

    Like Fishy I have 6 pairs of glasses strategically stashed around the house & a spare pair in each car.

    Your buggered without them so you need to have spares.LOL

    Maybe you could use a retriever dog? Isn't what blind people do,


    good answer facebook. He will know what is needed instinctively I guess.
    Get someone else to find them! Or attach a pull cord? Beeper? Nah just get someone else!!! :)

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