I SOOO NEED ADVICE (difficult situation) S.O.S.

    I live in a small place with a neighbor on each hip. Both males. We share a porch type setting.  When I moved in 1 year ago their chairs were down in corner. Note: area is in front under all my windows.. So I asked if I could put chairs out. SURE! I put 2 wicka chairs & anyone is welcome to use. The >neighborhood< is always out there as well. I have no privacy, etc. But I've been dealing & keeping mouth closed. Ok, here is top problem, mutt & jeff have been constant in moving their chairs over more & more & are on top of me now. Plus I'm almost off the porch. I've moved them back but lost cause. I bring it to their attention & they don't want to hear it. I have to keep living room window closed cuz 1 is right their & not soft spoken, same one is up at 5am & wakes me at different times of morning if I'm here. Plus has spoken to me many times so filthy. I thought to do to both of them as they do to me. But if it's an ongoing thing, noone will benefit & I'll have bigger problem.. I'm sooo tired of "grin & bare it"  I never say anything about anything cuz>>  I GOTTA LIVE HERE!  Make sense??  S.O.S.

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    This works for me.  Buy music that you like from a foreign country... I love Soca or East Indian Music.  Most people don't.  Play it all day long... not loud.  It eventually grates on the nerves of narrow minded people.  If that does not work switch to Mexican Rap or Industrial Metal... if that fails Neil Sedaka and E.L.O..  ... Still no luck?, Try Nine Inch Nails and Limp Bizkit.  Play the music all day long, day in and day out, within the hours that is permitted by law.  If you don't have a CD player choose radio stations that will grate upon their nerves.  And, because your window is open, start burning incence of oddball smells... don't choose Vanilla.  Men, love the smell of baked goods... an odd fact. 

    One more thing that really works... take up learning to sing Opera.  Practice every day.  The chances are very high that you will not sound very good at first.  A friend of mine did this by practicing with a cork between her teeth (Which is the thing to do).  She even answered the door with the cork between her teeth... everyone stayed away.

    It isn't difficult to 'out annoy' others if you put your mind to it.  They may think you have lost your mind but, that could work to your advantage anyway!


    LOL a few times! Sounds great to me but I might pay for it later, from them & myself! I was so upset I did write a letter to who's in charge & asked them to talk to me & keep between us. I tried everything with neighbors cuz I believe in talking through things first. Again, I gotta live here! Ya, move,easy to say... Now waiting on that idea.

    @Umbriel; It's a gift. ... Unfortunately, so far, one that does not pay. Sad and true.

    @Dadschild; How about something a little less whacky, plant pots or planters on either side of your chairs in front of your window delineating your space with clear and pretty boundaries. Buy them a few plants for their areas. You are female, prettying things up would not seem so 'out there' at all. You can buy plants now that will survive winter.
    If you want to spare expenses, Walmart has gardening items on sale at this time of the year and you can start seeds in February for next year. Plan your year round rotation now.

    Not your thing? Have a good and loyal friend pilfer their chairs and hide yours. "WHAT?! OH MY GOODNESS!!! OUR CHAIRS HAVE BEEN STOLEN!! WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!???! Sigh, shake your head and then quietly add, "Geeze Louise and Cupcakes, Already." Sigh one more time. Rub a tear away from your eye and slip inside your home. Leave 'Frick and Frack' to pause and wonder.
    Have your friend donate the chairs to charity in order to even out the negative Karma.

    Get the landlord involved.  One tenant cannot cause discomfort for another without intervention from the owner.  It's his/her responsibility to handle tenant complaints.  (BTW, you should be documenting every complaint that you, time, what was said by you and by them, and the result.)

    I'm assuming you have already told them to knock of the objectionable language.

    If you own the home, place a divider between the properties.

    If not, ask the landlord to do it for you, WBMS



    Yes, so far that is ok.

    If you feel you cannot talk to them and improve your relationship, I think you should try to find another place and move out.


    I thought of asking 1 if wanna switch apartments. But mine I just finished over & I'm sure he'd say no.

    LOL My plants got moved over too... And 1 actually bike locked chair to wall. Something is gonna hit soon.. no lol

    Buy a big planting pot and put a large plastic plant in it. Fill it with the foulest smelling fertilizer you can find and keep your windows down. If they don't mind smelling like s*** they'll still be there. If your lucky they'll think your crazy fertilizing a fake plant and find another place to relax. If they remove the plant charge them with theft.


    LOL I like that!

    1. try to explain to them, or if they are dating, to their partners.

    2. If no luck there, talk to landlord, explaining the situation

    3. Offer solution to landlord, to put a partition so they have section, and you also. 

    4. If no response from landlord, tell him based upon fact that you are denied the peace and comfort of the dwelling that you rented, that you need to break lease and move with no penalties to you what so ever!  (look before this step, so you have a place to move to, as he may want you out within 30 days). 

    Maybe when you put chairs out . they thought it was an invite! Take your chairs in . Start asking them to sweep the porch, help peel onions, anything annoying might help! 


    They have their own chairs & for the neighborhood... I do the sweeping, etc. But stopped lately! Something is gonna give, trust me!

    You might just need to put out a chair for yourself only when you want to enjoy your porch area.  I like the idea of inundating your space with plants, real and fake. I like the idea of playing obscure music that grates on others' nerves (leave it going when you aren't home, too). I like the idea of putting stinky fertilizer on the plants (real and fake).  I also think the next time one of them makes a rude remark, you might tell him you do not appreciate his comments, humor, and harassment. If he can't speak to you respectfully, you will file a complaint with the local police department and/or report his behavior to your landlord.  You, as a tenant, have a slew of rights; there are agencies who can assist you with the problem you are having. 

    Personally, I would move their chairs as far away as you possibly can and continue moving them until the boys get the hint. If they DON'T get the hint, move them right into your car and drive them to the thrift store. (Do this when no one is looking). 

    Good luck. I feel for you. 


    Thankyou! I have to wait & pick stratagy, cuz it will come right back. I did think of spraying amonia on my windowsill, but afraid my cat will smell from next window. I like everyones ideas, but like I said I gotta pick right & right time! LOL

    Yep! sound familiar! I'll be right over there kick some ass.


    Cool! Sounds real good... LOL Thanks!

    Negative advice just leads to more negativity. Try something more possitive. You could get fencing and plant them into pots and use these as your defined area. Plant them with plants in the spring and leave them empty in the winter.

    dont worry it will be well

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