who lives longer men or women

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    Women outlive men in almost every country. On average, women are expected to live 4 years longer than men. The life expectancy (the average number of years a person will live from birth) of men is 63.7 years. The life expectancy of women is 67.8 years.

    The life expectancy of women has gone up over the past few years. In 1992, the average woman lived to be 62.9 years in developing countries compared to 53.7 years in 1970. In industrialized countries, women's average life expectancy in 1992 was 79.4 years, up from 74.2 years in 1970.

    Simply, life expectancy refers to the number of years we are "expected" to live. Of course, there is no way to predict how long each person is going to live at the time they are born. But if we take an average of how long people have lived, it gives us an indication of how long a certain cross section of a population might live.

    Life expectancy seems to be directly tied to income. The countries with the largest increase in life expectancy were also among the countries with the most rapid increase in their income per capita.

    From UNCS.


    Very good ans Romos! you are certainly well imform, or should I say know your stuff, tipecal Frenchmen, my spelling is really crapy.Anyhow you know what I mean!

    Romos, and the older you are, the better and higher your life expectancy goes. Another fact the abscense of disease, a person can expect to live till about 85. That's in the U.S. and other industrialized countries.

    well done, Romos

    Women by a few years, on average.

    It has always been women until recently. Women are slowly decreasing in life expectancy as they began to equal men......


    jh, yes, it is evening out some, b/c women now get lung cancer and bladder cancer, and it used to be only men got that.

    It's always been a known fact that women live longer than men. It's b/c they take better care of themselves and don't indulge in risky behavior as much as men do . And many woman go to the Dr. at the first sign of trouble.......if it looks like something may be serious. Married men live longer than single men , b/c their wives make the appt for them at the Dr. and the dentist and at the specialist.......then make sure their husb goes to his appt.

    Visit any nursing home and the answer is staring you in the face, there are very few older men at these facilities, and the women there for the most part are widows!  Remember that even though women want to do men's work, the fact is that the jobs that most men hold are harder on their bodies and take the toll of ending their lives earlier.  That is a fact, not a jab on women. 

    Depends upon "where". That  said, married women tend to outlive their husbands because they often aggravate them to death. ""


    I just KNEW we would get this answer from someone...*sigh*

    Dardaigh: Glad I didn't disappoint you.

    I don't like your answer! Men drive women NUTS! You guys are out in space! Do you believe women wish to be alone in their final years? Aggravation is what men do best! Baa yuck!

    I heard of a man whose wife died but before this she said that if he ever had another woman she would dig her way out of the grave and haunt him.
    Shortly after, he acquired another lady friend and was reminded of his dead wife's promise. he said,'no problem, I had her buried face down'.

    Noooooooooooo...don't keep the women-bashing going, Nom. *spank* ;)

    Now that women have egual right in the work force maybe that will change their life expectancy.


    No doubt! Stress rules!

    that's right, FB.

    In my family it's the women who live the longest. I've had a set of twins and another boy die at birth. I really do think it's a heredity issue.


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    Depends upon how healthy he/she is ???

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