is my dead dad at the end of my bed?

    my dad died and i wanna know where or what he is?

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    Does believing that your dad is with you make you feel safe and bring you comfort? If it does then hold on to this gift of your dad being with you and don't let anyone tell you he's not there just because they don't believe.   On the other hand, if the presence of your dad being at the end of your bed makes you afraid then just ask him to please leave or at least make his presence unknown.

    Your Dad probably died at a young age  and never got to finish what he came on  this earth to do. He is sitting at the foot of the bed to tell you how much he loves you and that he is alright.

    You need to talk to your family  about your dad and the good times you had and how much you miss him. He will always be there to watch over you.


    Your dads in heaven ...perhaps he just wants you to rest assured all is well..

    If he's watching over you, you are blessed!

    He very well could be someplace close...........

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