why is a good decent man hard to find ?

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    They're either already married or

    you're looking in the wrong places.

    It's all a matter of where you are looking for them.


    right. She might be looking in all the wrong places.

    Great men are out there. 

    Be the best that you can be.

    Open yourself up.

    Shut your Crappy Man Radar down.

    Change your every day patterns and make yourself a Mantra.

    ...  get rid of your bad habits.

    Timing is everything.  Be smart. 

    Good Luck!



    I have no problem finding decent men. Attracting them is another matter.....

    ed shank

    Your funny.

    All the decent women have snapped them up.

    You need to look for a good AND decent man.

    I dunno....


    Because women prefer a partner with $$$$$, over decency. I know a few decent men who have to watch their budgets. They are in my opinion decent, intelligent, and physically attractive. They have no steady women in their lives. The perverted pigs that I've had the displeasure of meeting are financially set. They travel on vacation constantly and are always accompanied with a different woman. So ladies what are you really willing to sacrifice to find a decent man?

    b/c most of the good and decent men are  married; and still married to their first wife.

    Because this world is full of indecent people !

    My dear wife was having the same problem before she met me. She decided she was being too fussy and lowered her standards; then she hit the jackpot- me! Now she sings all day about how happy she is.

    And I never tell lies.

    i do not no

    Jack Large

    Probably because the majority have been grabbed up by all the good woman, WBMG ;-)

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