I have a hair follicle coming up in the next day or two. I am worried that the results may come back to show i have used mythamphetimine. What ways are thier to cover up the use of mythamphetimine in a hair follicle?

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    And how would you like your children cared for at a day care center by someone who uses, and got it covered up?  How about the CNA caring for your dying mother at a nursing home?  Would you like our whole society to "cover up" the fact that they use drugs, and try to carry on their daily jobs with whatever quality work they could, being under the influence of drugs?  You are what is wrong with our society!  Shame on you for 1. using drugs, and 2. for dismissing it and looking for accomplices to help you "cover up" the fact that you abuse drugs!  I hope that you get fired, or arrested, maybe you need more of a wake-up call then someone calling you out on-line! 

    Face it red ryder ! You are screwed! Stay off drugs! When did you last use? Hair holds history forever! Confess now! Save everyone money!

    You can't darlin, shave your whole body & try staying clean afterwards.....

    You will get caught. 

    Here are some links ... You may need to enter a facility more than once.  Try not to give up.

    Being stoned doesn't get you anywhere and it does effect others.


    Hard Luck.      stay off drugs in future. You will get what you deserve. the boot, byeeeeee

    You asked this question at least 3 different ways. Let's face it, meth have a problem

    You really didn't think someone here was going to give you an answer? No dopers here as far as I can tell.

    I Have a big one coming up on my bum,What can i do ,turn the other cheek,??

    I don't condone the drug use,but try putting clear nail polish on the hair follicle to pass the drug test. I hope you get off drugs, and get a respectible good paying job.

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