what is the average salary of a high school teacher with an MA?

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    I agree, the ranges also are different from public to private schools.  In some states the cost of living is higher also, so be careful to keep this in mind when making comparisons in salaries.  Ex. the salaries in the southern US, are lower than the Northeast, or California.  However, those areas  have the highest costs of living in the country!  I have been retired from teaching for over four years, and am out of touch with the current salary ranges.

    Depending on which school district you seek work will affect pay range also. The bigger and more affluent districts generally pay better.


    If you have your principal's certification, a master's would line you up with a much better paying job down the road. This answer is somthing you might want to keep in mind as a goal.

    I would not want to be an administrator for all of the tea in China today. They have many more responsibilities and liabilities than ever before! And if the students do not achieve the benchmarks with the new testings, they are the one who will loose their job!

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