If all people were gay and never recieved sperm or a female to carry a child. How long could man exist.

    Would man be gone in 4 to 5 generations or less?????????????

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    Man first was hermaphrodites. They could just go back to that. Don't you think God always has a plan to ensure the continued survival of man? At least until He no longer needs this form (the human body) for His creations to use. Or do you not believe in God? Because disbelief in God is the only way anyone could come up with a scenario like this and scare themselves and possibly others with it. We aren't going anywhere.

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    So, all females are gone...just boys and men left.... well first, they would (almost all) have the sperm. They would be missing the eggs and the uterus'.  That's a problem!  They would last until they all died.  Using statistics (Men live until about 82 in industrial cancers..but some live into the 100's) and a few thing like they wouldn't all kill themselves in silly wars or by a plague...then one would say in 120 years  they would be gone.

    In reverse, Females might last a few years longer.

    Homosexual men have sperm. Lesbians have uterus's. If only homosexuals existed, they could still procreate. They would simply have the sex that the O.T. dictated people should have. Sex for procreation only, no enjoyment and no wasting seed. They would be having sex between the sexes exactly as the good God fearing people were suppose to do but instead chose to enjoy sex and look apon naked bodies and yes, waste "seed" too. The homosexuals would still have their love relationships with their same sex partners but there could still be reproduction when needed. Humankind would not end. 

    I'm pretty sure this is where you were trying to go with your question. I've seen much the same question hundreds of times in the arguments of gays being abnormal and not what God created. We can still reproduce. We are normal that way. All the parts work. 

    Doolittle is correct. 120 years and the show is over. Assuming no one chooses to procreate.

    Sperm banking would mean that the human race could continue, assuming lesbians wanted to breed and the viability of the sperm was unlimited.


    Many lesbians want to be mothers. Many do become mothers. We're still women with maternal needs.

    Yes Colleen, hence my posting. I go back to a previous suggestion that young men should have vasectomies and give sperm samples which would be stored for their lifetimes and possibly longer. Young mens' sperm would be of good quality and cause fewer birth defects than that of older fathers.
    ed shank

    We are getting away from the question. Interesting though.

    There is no scientific reason why a man cannot carry a child (lets forget delivery here). Provided there are still "banks" around, all he has to do is get a fertile embryo implanted and there you go. God help it if it's girl...........


    Ummm...even if the man's internal organs would support the growth of a baby (which they can't- at some point they burst open or collapse)...they embryo gan not develop if it is not supplied with the hormones (esrtogen...) it will die....They've tried it over and over again!!!

    When I was in nursing school some 30+ years ago, we were taught about a German man who gave birth. The body makes do what it has to....

    How many men could/would survive without the love o a good woman!!:-) he`s downtrodden but..well we all know ...he loves it really!!;-))

    If you are just trying to say that people stopped having procreative sex (heterosexual), then it would likely be far less than 100 years, as most people don't live that long.  

    Why you choose to throw homosexuality in there is beyond me. Are you homophobic?

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