Is Lance Armstrong guilty? Was he railroaded?

    Did he deserve to be stripped of all his winnings? Who wins now?

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    He can be remembered for something greater than some medals and titles. Here his name and money from his winnings goes to good use. The preservation of human life. Diss him all you want for maybe taking some drugs but he is a humanitarian and that medal trumps all others in the sports word in my opinion. The man still has my respect.

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    Personally I think he is guilty,as they say " there is no smoke without fire", doping was, and probably still is rife in professional cycling and there were guys out there who were taking more than Lance but still couldn't beat him, which is suspicious to say the least, some of his team were already suspended for doping and I think that speaks for itself, having said all this he will still remain one of my all time sporting heroes and he will always be campaigning for cancer sufferers in the future. Take his titles from him, THE MAN REMAINS A LEGEND !

    Doesn't anyone in the world of sports feel a sense of pride in beating their opponents HONESTLY?  How can there be pride in abusing drugs to win anything?  I just don't get it!

    Do I think Lance Armstrong is a doper?  I know he's innocent until proven guilty and...YES I do.  There have not been all the accusations from all kinds of sources over several years for no reason.  I believe he is throwing in the towel (calling it a witch hunt, of course) because they are very close to proving it and he knows it.  I hope I'm wrong but we'll soon see.

    He is now pleading no contest, guilty? I think yes, a great sportsman and will still go down in history as one of the best

    It's the absolute pits when someone you believed 

    in is later stripped of his winnings because of doping.

     I will never forget the absolute thrill of Ben Johnson's

    accomplishments and then the letdown, when it was

    found he'd doped. Look at baseball ...always hearing

    about those guys doing it. Sad.

    He was stripped of his titles, was he also stripped of his earnings? I agree with Romos.

    He is a brave fighter against cancer and a great sportsman, I remember reading his book a few years ago, and others books about cycle racing and it seems drug abuse is or was common in that sport.

    He is admired all over the cycling world for his great achievements. Wether he took drugs or not, he is now retired and has  nothing to prove to anyone. 

    they took his titles away without proving beyond a reasonable doubt, that he took drugs. He threw in the towel, because all the parasites were trying to take his money.

    Nike,his biggest sponsor for his cancer Charity, said they would continue to support him.

    Right now the USDA is on a witch hunt to make him the poster child for doping. No matter what, he will always be the greatest cyclist of all time.




    I support Lance and I think he was railroaded and I think it makes me sick they could do this to him. I also think Pete Rose should be reinstated, another sports hero who got railroaded.

    I believe he was railroaded. He was smart enough to quit the fight, but is still a terrible unjustice. Same with Pete Rose. There is no longer "Justice for All" What has this country come to?

    It's come to a bunch of jealous people who would destroy another based on morals that even the ones condemning another for, break themselves.

    The American USDA has become radicalized and over zealous to the point of insanity. This agency of the US government busies itself with seeking out offenders beyond the borders of the US with evidence of performance enhancement , of the most insignificant sort , wherever it may be found. Then crush the offender beyond the harshest reticule. . What motivation is there for the USDA’s performance enhancement but that their funding is awarded by the proof of their service among high profile American Citizens abroad.  Isn’t the intimation of a witness a crime? Maybe not when money is involved.    


    I trust God, not the US Bureaucracy.

    Reminds me of McCarthyism

    Guilty, yes. Railroaded? Well, he should be stripped of all his "schwinnings." ""

    He can be remembered for something greater than some medals and titles. Here his name and money from his winnings goes to good use. The preservation of human life. Diss him all you want for maybe taking some drugs but he is a humanitarian and that medal trumps all others in the sports word in my opinion. The man still has my respect.

    I can't believe they (USDA) carried on like they did. It really saddens my heart to know they did that to him!

    I don’t know what drugs he is accused of taking, but if he took something that resulted in his state of fitness and good health….I want some of that stuff….I’m not in competition with anything but the grim reaper and a few more years on my clock would be the sort of cheat I can handle! Give that boy the Nobel Prize for sacrificing his carrier to inform the world of whatever that stuff is.

    The only option and chance we have of cleaning up sport is to give those cheats proven to have knowingly taken performance enhancing drugs a ban and by that I mean a ban for life. There are no two ways about it. Do you want a clean and fair sport for everybody ? 

    Guilty as sin. That doesn't mean he should be shot but it does mean that he should relinquish his fraudulantly-won trophies, medals and whatever prize money he was awarded.


    Terry, I suspect that no proof-positive evidence will ever convince you on this one. This isn't a court of law. Here's what does it for me.

    "It claimed to have more than 10 eyewitnesses who would testify that Armstrong used banned blood transfusions, the blood booster EPO, testosterone and other drugs to win the Tour. Some of Armstrong’s closest teammates, including George Hincapie — one of the most respected American riders — were also expected to testify against him.
    The antidoping agency also said it had blood test results of Armstrong’s from 2009 and 2010 that were consistent with doping."

    Lance knows a surrender on his part sends out a guilty-by-association message. It's still better than guilty by irrefutable evidence. THAT, was just around the corner.

    Terry, Is his confession good enough proof for you now? The wait is over.

    Fausto Coppi, Tour de France winner in 1949 and 1952 was once asked whether he ever took simulants. He replied 'only when I need them', 'and how often is that?' Coppi- 'Most of the time'.


    i agree he got nothing to prove if the yanks wanna strip him off his titles let them but the officials havent and wots to say theres something in his drugs what hes taking for cancer get a grip ffs

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