Are prawns and shrimp the same thing?

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    Prawns are bigger than shrimp.


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    Prawns are decapod crustaceans of the suborder Dendrobranchiata.[citation needed] There are 540 extant species, in seven families, and a fossil record extending back to the Devonian. They differ from other, similar crustaceans, such as Caridea (shrimp) and Stenopodidea (boxer shrimp) by the branching form of the gills and by the fact that they do not brood their eggs, but release them directly into the water. They may reach a length of over 330 millimetres (13 in) and a mass of 450 grams (1.0 lb), and are widely fished and farmed for human consumption.

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    Caridea is an infraorder within the order Decapoda, generally known as shrimp. They are swimming animals which are found widely around the world in both fresh and salt water.


    Caridean shrimp are found in every kind of aquatic habitat, with the majority of species being marine. Around a quarter of the described species are found in fresh water, however, including almost all the members of the species-rich family Atyidae and the Palaemonidae subfamily Palaemoninae.[1] They include several commercially important species, such as Macrobrachium rosenbergii, and are found on evrey continent except Antarctica.[1] The marine species are found at depths of up to 5,000 metres (16,000 ft),[2] and from the tropics to the polar regions.

    As well as the great variety in habitat, shrimp vary greatly in form, from species a few millimetres long when fully grown,[3] to those that grow to over a foot long.[2] Except where secondarily lost, shrimp have one pair of stalked eyes, although they are sometimes covered by the carapace, which protects the cephalothorax.[2] The carapace also surrounds the gills, through which water is pumped by the action of the mouthparts.[2]

    Most shrimp are omnivorous, but some are specialised for particular modes of feeding. Some are filter feeders, using their setose (bristly) legs as a sieve; some scrape algae from rocks. The snapping shrimp of the genus Alpheus snap their claws to create a shock wave that stuns prey. Many cleaner shrimp, which groom reef fish and feed on their parasites and necrotic tissue, are carideans.[2] In turn, shrimp are eaten by various animals, particularly fish and seabirds, and frequently host bopyrid parasites.[2]

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    Don`t quite understand ! could you please repeat that ?

    Can you hear me now?!!!

    "OH stop shouting you will wake up my girlfriend! and my wife next door "THIN WALLS"

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Where is that frying pan?!

    "OH I wear it on my head as a tin Helmet for protection !!

    Now, there's a brilliant idea!

    Pretty much the same but there are very many species of prawns/shrimp.

    they are cousins in the tree of aquatic animals .

    i thought a prawn was a crawdad. im glad i dont eat that stuff. they look so ugly to me. yuck!

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