Do you think there is something wrong here?

    Let’s say some investors decide to go into the electrical generating business. The first thing they need is around a Billion dollars to construct a big building, in which to install a big boiler and big generator and to employ a lot of local people to work 24/7 for 365 day a year. The next thing they must do is spend millions a dollars to buy fuel, albeit nuclear, coal, oil or gas.

    On the other hand those that use wind “power” to produce electricity, at a MUCH, MUCH, lower scale, need not pay a pay a penny for fuel or employees to work 24/7 365 day and the Utility companies MUST buy the use wind “power” produced electricity

    Now if a consumer decides purchase the wind or sun “power” produced electricity, it costs them at least 2 cents MORE per KWH. Even though wind power industry is subsidized by the Federal Government with an annual tax reduction and most of the generators are made in China, only the blades are made in the US.

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    Somebody has to blow all that wind, it might be he gets all the profit.

    Jack Large

    There are a lot of windmills in the Mountains near my home in Pennsylvania, half of the time they must be locked down because the wind is too strong. ;-(

    Their planting the bloody things all over Scotland yet electricity prices rise all the time.
    Revolution is a coming!

    Windmills have popped up all over upstate NY in the past 5 years also.

    All over Essex County, Ontario, too.
    Jack Large

    There are windmills everywhere one looks in the USA.

    Yet All of windmills in the US, combined only produce 4,850 MW's,( A MW, is a million watts) a YEAR, about what One Nuclear Power plant produces in ONE Month. Two make things worse windmills can not produce the Ultra High voltage(64,000V)that is required to send electricity thousands of miles around the country.

    Over 52% of electricity in the USA is produced by COAL and OBAMA is closing those plants and putting Thousands of people OUT WORK in West Virginia alone.

    Very fishy in deed.  And, not the cute kind of fish... the fishy kind of fish. 

    Oil, coal, gas and nuclear power is big business and is backed by the powers that be.  They were there first.


    Jack Large

    We NEED those big electrical power houses. Wind and sun will never produce anywhere near the amount of power we use in the US.

    My lovely wife insisted that we install solar panels on our home in Key West Florida, believing she can save the planet, to heat our hot water.

    I was 76 when we spent $63,000 on an installation that does not produce enough hot water if there are more then two people living there.

    I will need to live ANOTHER twenty years before I will even begin to save a penny on gas. LOL


    My husband looks into solar power and wind power every year. He stops short of purchasing because of what you have just described. :)

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