which would concern you more should you be caught shoplifting: receiving legal punishment or facing the reactions of friends and family?

    Would the reactions of your friends be different than the reactions of your family and in what way?

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    All would be devastating! I swiped a bag of candy bars as a teenager and was caught at the store! I prayed a hole would open and swallow me! It was probably the most embarrassing thing that ever happened! Thankfully the police were not called and I've never snitched another thing in my life!  This happened 50+ years ago, so you figure it out!

    I Stole the the money my mum had put aside for all of us to go swimming when I was 6/7 yrs old!:-0

    My ma was devastated..she knew it was me!!!...:-/...None of us went swimming that day!!:-Z..And I don`t think my bros and sisters have forgiven me even now:-)..NEVER AGAIN!!!;-)



    Both. Your a thief and should face legal consequences. Your friends now know also that your a thief and will keep a watchful eye on you from now on, rightfully so.


    What if this person is 11 years old?
    ed shank

    In that case we have a young thief that needs to be taught a lesson in life.

    Thy shall not steal!

    I did a shoplifting "heist" with some college pals once, a million years ago.  We took some football jerseys, and don't ask me how we got five of them out of there. Mine never fit right, which was lesson enough. I still have and wear the gloves, though. 

    It was not a nice thing to do and we were all uncomfortable.  If I remember right, we were spurred to the event because one of us was studying criminology.

    I'd be more worried about the consequences.  

    addendum:  My friends would embarrassed and incredulous.  My family would be shocked, disappointed, and, in some cases, delighted.

    ed shank

    I never shoplifted anything but I did steal an unmarked police car at 16. After doing time for that stupidity, I never stole another vehicle. There has to be consequences to bad behavior.

    I have been ashamed of doing that for years, my consequences.
    You must have been "a real handful" in your younger years.

    you live with the shame of stealing,my point in my answer was that if you dont steal you dont end up with all the bagage.

    you gave two options should you be caught,my option was not to steal in the first place and so cutting out your options.
    anyway whats wrong with string beans

    ;-)...(Oh dear ,dear Bob...I get your drift)!:)xx

    You should be afraid of your mom the most.  Other than that, live and learn.  Don't repeat your mistakes again.


    Be Afraid of your Mum/Mom!...Be Very Afraid!:)lol.

    the question is subjective if you dont steal and you dont need to fear either consequence.


    Anything that asks for opinion is subjective; even if someone has had that experience, it's still opinion.

    The question asked "should you be caught..."; NOT shoplifting wasn't an option to the answer.
    I used to give my kids a choice for dinner vegetable. "Boys, do you want broccoli or cauliflower for vegetable tonight?" They got to choose BETWEEN the options. "String beans" wasn't an option.
    In this question, "don't steal" wasn't an option.
    P. S. I agree with your answer, in principle, but it wasn't one of the choices. Some people habitually refuse to answer basic questions here; you are not one of them. Since you commented back to me, I wanted to make myself clear, which I hope I did.

    String beans are my favorite. The point I tried to make was that NOT stealing isn't an option in this question. Whatever, have fun with it.

    legal punishment because it shows that no matter how old u are especially if ur over 50 shows ur a real jurke

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