i know the answer to how the world did not start with mommy and daddy could i get thounsands

    i know and can prove how the world did not start with mother and daddy


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    Only if you can get anyone to believe you. You might even be able to create yet another religion because the world does not have enough of those. 


    LOL! I laughed so hard when I read that, I had tears rolling down my cheeks!

    OK . Black mask ,"Funny name "OH don`t wash your face ! Your right , My Mummy and Daddy said they did "NOT" start The world It was a struggle "Starting there own ! I think it was "ALIENS" ,as they passed over "earth they dropped  there  unused sperm banks mixed male /female they looked like "fish thousands of years later walked  on two legs, lived in tree`s for many years, A mighty storm blow The things in the tree fell out mixed lot called Monkeys,some  found shells on the ground brought in by the tides they shaved there faces ,also found Banana skins made them into "Skirts"( kilts )   "OH the first Man wearing a "kilt said the first immortal  words .Were every you be let your "wind Blow Free ,So he and male and females farted and parted went on to pastures new made a boat out of large leaves used there "kilts as a sails .The day  they landed was on a place now known as the Ivory Coast .The hot sun turned there skin to a very dark brown colour .So others went other ways .NOW YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW  "IMAGINATION "

    This is mysterious to formulate the answer.This is  always is debatable going in conclussion. The facts of two ways creation is necessary for reproduction and recreation of life. sperms and ovums are made from the cell's history where it got favourable life environment. 'life is created where the environment is favourable- that is proved'. But why the creater didn't go an another way ? who is the first the sperm or the ovum ? egg first or chicken ? I think it will be also proved later but now the god is the super creater of this world's gravity and the two ways life of male and female. 

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