is President Obama a communist?

    All of the take overs he has done in secrecy and the infringement on the executive branch of the Government and hiding some of the information he has hidden.

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    Incompetent in all Caps



    Fishlet @ Pete, Have you changed the 'communist' to 'imcompetent'? If so, you can place a comment in your question section.
    Are you a political science student?

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    What you have described is not the definition of a communist.

    Just incompetent dose not know what he is doing at all which is sad

    You have a nice egghead.

    He is a vacuous pretender.

    No No No

    He has been accused of being a Muslim, so can you be a communist also?


    I don't think you can be anything but Muslim if in fact you are muslim, I don't think you can even join the local Rotary club. LOL



    Obama is endorsed by the American Communist Party but this doesn't mean that he himself is a Communist. That could not be.  He is supported by every socialist and Marxist website on the WWW but once again, this does not make him a follower.   Although, considering these organization's views reflects on Obama. 'Show me your friends and I'll tell you what kind of person you are." 

    i am so sick of h earing this obama crap i could puke. lets dis jimmy carter for growing peanuts, or kennedy for having an affair, or any other president with their trashy goings on.

    LAST I HEARD  ;)



    How embarrassing, the person that created this doesn't know the difference between 'your and you're.' Kinda lets the wind out of the sail. :(

    YOUR almost right. Don't matter, my points made.

    He is the current puppet in the Bildenberg   (I've probably misspelled) Group.   
    American elections are rigged long before the polling places open.  
    Obama is one in a long line of dismal failures.  


    Bilderberg ;)

    Thank you!!

    Well, as far as secrecy is concerned, all presidents have resorted to this philsophy as far as possible. Check G. W.'s record on this. Also, there is a difference between a socialist, communist, and social democrat. Socialist and communist don't support the idea of private property or capitalism. Obama not only believes in private property, but owns a lot of it. He also supports capitalism which like most complex systems is a matter of degree depending on how much regulation you believe is necessary to maintain it's effecient operation and all complex systems require some regulation. A rational debate on it's level is sensible. And to, we are not the only democracy in the world and most  are composed of social democrats of one degree or another. People that believe in democracy, but also support social programs of some sort, but they are not communist and to throw these accusation around willy nilly is irresponsible. The biggest difference is that our system is more conservative which gives us a great range of ideas.


    I buy your argument and respect your findings, however, I disagree re-badging Socialism to make it more appealing. Anytime one must work to support another you are either a parent or involved in socialistic activities. The Social Democrat to me is actually Santa Claus for the non-productive. Reaching into my pocket to advance some derelict is not what I work for. I believe in government programs to help those that can not help themselves. Where's obama's properties?? We know of all the other presidents properties but I have yet to hear of his. Actually, I for one have no idea where he came from. He just showed up at the 2004 DNC.

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