AGGRIVATED... Kids can't be kids anymore or their put on meds... Now I'm finding that dogs cat even be "dogs" anymore... What the hell is going on??? I bought a rawhide bone for dog next door. Can't have cuz has a sensitive stomach. Ok! I put it in my car, sooo if I saw a big dog, I'd offer it (w/owners ok) Sooo, I went by a big dog & offered, said no cuz has a sensitive stomach. People create these problems, seriously. I've had dogs & cats all my life & they (my dogs) loved ALL THEIR BONES, e

    Also, In my years growing up, ya NEVER heard of OR about animal abuse & neglect.. People like that I want to hurt in the worse way. Sorry, but I get really upset over this stuff. I wanna protect them ALL.. God should look out for the little ones, especially from people..

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    Kids can't be kids, dogs can't be dogs, people can't be just having a bad day....why?  Because everybody is a "psychologist" now.  The psycho-babble is everywhere....on television, on the radio, including universities and colleges that are pumping out psychology degrees by the thousands. Every little quirk and complaint now needs a diagnosis of some syndrome, condition, or disease, and with each new "diagnosis", comes another "approved" drug to make it all better.  People get loonier by the day!


    ...Go ask Alice when she's 10 feet tall..(sorry, that song came to me as I read the end of your answer)

    Don't think I know that song.

    sung by Janice Joplin- many years ago

    lindi..Aah I remember...great song!

    lindi- did Janice write it??

    "“White Rabbit” was written by Grace Slick while she was still with The Great Society. When that band broke up in 1966, Slick was invited to join Jefferson Airplane to replace their departed female singer Signe Toly Anderson, who left the band with the birth of her child. The first album Slick recorded with Jefferson Airplane was Surrealistic Pillow, and Slick provided two songs from her previous group: her own “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love”, written by Darby Slick and recorded under the title "Someone to Love" by The Great Society. Both songs became breakout successes for Jefferson Airplane and have ever since been associated with that band.">>

    Now Doc I think you may be on to something here...I googled the title and also got this.........
    White Rabbit lyrics
    Performed by: Janis Joplin.

    One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don't do anything at all
    Go ask Alice
    When she's ten feet tall

    And if you go chasing rabbits
    And you know you're going to fall
    Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
    Has given you the call
    Call Alice
    When she was just small

    When men on the chessboard
    Get up and tell you where to go
    And you've just had some kind of mushroom
    And your mind is moving low
    Go ask Alice
    I think she'll know

    When logic and proportion
    Have fallen sloppy dead
    And the White Knight is talking backwards
    And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
    Remember what the dormouse said:
    "Feed your head
    Feed your head
    Feed your head"

    What up wit dat Doc?! I mean what's up Doc?? LOL And this??>>>White Rabbit Lyrics by Janis Joplin>>>

    and a pal of mine told me a looooooong loooooong time ago- in what seems to be a "different world" that Janice wrote it- however, if Grace made it famous than Kudos to her :)

    Welcome to aka.  There are quite a few animal lovers on this site.  My dog loved rawhyde bones, pig ears, and dog cookies.  Loved pink and white jelly beans too.  Didn't care for salty snacks.

    She was wonderful!  She got pretty darn sick to the tummy after ingesting an entire pan of brownies. & she got 2 intestinal bugs- that covers her lifespan of tummy upset.  She'd drink gross water, play with dead animals, roll in muck and and never get sick.  However, she was my baby and got lots of outings and walks and love and she wasn't surrounded by drama (come to think of it may have caused the intestinal "virus'").  She was quite sensitive and had she grown up in a home with worriers she may have had more tummy troubles.  I have met some dogs with allergies- but never a cat.

    I think it was very nice for you to offer the bone to several dogs.  

    I honestly think that our pets are suffering from environmental and food allergies! Why? I do not know! Perhaps it is that the populations of pets has increased so we hear about it more whereas many years ago, I think most pets were fed table scraps and cereals, not these crazy recipes that are on the market now. One of my felines suffers terribly from allergies to all pollens and also to grains!! This developed when she was 4 years old and took us 3 years to figure out...poor thing she was but now I must feed her grain free we go through a lot of cans of tuna!  I'm thinking diet all over the board here!! Farm dogs used to live to unbelievable own favorite old boy Steely Dan dog lived to the ripe old age of nearly 17 years!! Table scraps and a lot of fish and oysters!!   He'd be scarfing back those treats right now if he were here Dadschild!!  So on behalf of dogs who would...thanks! Try giving these treats to a local dog pound or wrecking yard with dogs!  Peace.

    I worked in the pet industry for a very long time.  I have seen how rawhide is made, visiting factories.  The majority of rawhide bones are bleached.  This is not healthy for a dog. 

    If you would like to buy a treat for the dog next door ask the owner what that dog can eat.  Usually it is something like a natural pig's ear, a cow's tendon or (I am not telling a lie), semen cord.  Those items are what we sold the most of in the natural chewing dog treat department.  They are very digestible where rawhide is not. 


    but I'm mainly talking about natural bones..

    Don't feed someone else's dogs one single thing without asking first. Pets have become family members and pet owners take their pets seriously.
    It may seem strange but, it is true.

    And, ignorance ticks.

    So sorry to tell you the truth.
    Don't mess with your neighbour's dog.

    Fixing sick dogs was my job for a very long time.
    Was it a beef bone? Dogs can be allergic to beef.
    Was it a lamb bone? Dogs can be allergic to lamb.
    Was it a bone that was riddled with preservatives?... Dogs can totally be allergic to preservatives... Think about it.

    Dogs have a very short intestinal tract. They do not digest the way human beings digest. They also are 'almost' victims to the way we have chosen they should eat. Would you do well on kibble?
    First of all, your body needs to tell you what kibble is.
    It becomes complex after that...
    A dog's body needs to decide how it's body can 'digest and use' that particular odd presentation of food.

    Baked kibble, incenentally is not a normal way to present food to any "body" on this planet earth...
    If you actually understood what the pet industry has done to our beloved pets... you would not ask this question.
    And, you would always ask first what treat you could present to someone else's dog.

    Thankyou everyone, a few of you!       And the REST OF YOU, What does Janice have to do with anything? LOL


    Man could she howl !!! haha!!

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